What are the Essentials of Korean Skin Care? Discover 10 Must-Follow Skin Ritual Steps

BB creams sparked interest in Korean cosmetics – versatile creams which a have conditioning (moisturizer), beautifying (makeup foundation) and protecting (SPF) effect. Some of you don’t know that the Asian cosmetic industry offers more than just products – it is a different approach to beauty care. What does Korean skin care involve? We focus on ten steps of Korean skin care.

What does Korean skin care concentrate on?

While European and American women spend most money on makeup products, Koreans concentrate rather on skin care products. Skin care matters more to them and they treat makeup just as an addition to daily beauty ritual. They aren’t discouraged by having to wait longer for the effect of a skin care treatment in comparison to a lipstick or mascara giving an instant result. They are not discouraged as they are aware that working for healthy smooth skin gives longer-lasting benefits than temporarily camouflaging the imperfections.

Their approach to beauty care is another huge difference: Koreans highlight the importance of prevention whereas Europeans and Americans prefer to fight the problems caused by their own negligence. Respecting the rules, Korean women protect the skin from the sun damage and moisturize it, starting already at a young age.

10 Korean Skin Care Steps

The Korean-inspired ten-step skin regimen is increasing in popularity. Contrary to appearances, this kind of ritual doesn’t mean you have to repeat all of the steps every single day. You must only get a full range of products and know how to use them, that is adapt the ritual to your own skin, its needs and your lifestyle.

  1. Makeup removal
    Frist of all, you must make sure your skin is clean. To remove makeup, get a special wipe or bi-phase remover. Next, gently rub a makeup removing oil into slightly damp skin on the face and neck to dissolve the rest of makeup and sebum. The skin is now moisturized – massage it for around a minute, rinse the skin using lukewarm water. The skin is smooth and moisturized.
  2. Cleansing
    Rub your fave gel cleanser or other water-based cleanser between the hand palms and spread it all over the face and neck using circular motions. In order to get rid of impurities and remove the greasy-feeling coat, rinse the skin wit lukewarm water.
  3. Exfoliation
    An exfoliating product, that is a scrub, lets you do away with dead skin cells, clarify the pores and leave skin smooth. Depending on the qualities, the scrub can brighten your skin or even out its tone. You should do it at least twice a week and rinse it with lukewarm water a few minutes after the application.
  4. Tonifying
    A toner softens and freshens up, repairs the protective barrier and balances the pH. Contrary to Europeans and Americans, Koreans choose moisturising toners (instead of astringents). Apply your toner using cotton pads or go for spray-on toners.
  5. Essence
    Korean women believe the essence to be the essential skin care product. It is an effective, condensed cosmetic you apply to perfectly-clean skin. It is made up of active ingredients which moisturize and enhance the cellular processes in skin. The essence has a truly gentle, lightweight consistency which doesn’t leave a greasy film. Koreans use the essence both on skin and hair. Because it isn’t greasy, it neither clogs skin pores nor weighs down hair.
  6. Ampoules, concentrates, serum
    Korean ampules and concentrates can be compared to serum. These condensed products deal with specific problems such as dryness, oiliness, discoloration, wrinkles, freckles. You should stop using them once they manage to eliminate your problem. If you don’t have big problems with your face skin, feel free to skip this step.
  7. Masks
    Sheet masks and traditional face masks should be used at least twice a week. The former are especially popular in Asia because the sheet keeps active substances from evaporating and clings to skin, which largely intensifies the effect. You must leave it on face for approx. 20-30 minutes, take the sheet off and smooth the product all over the skin.
  8. Under-eye skin
    Korean women never forget the eye-area skin care because the eyes usually give our age away whereas dark circles and swellings make even young people look much older. In order to prevent them and crow’s feet, use eye creams. Korean eye creams resemble the essence or ampules: they are lightweight, gentle and highly condensed. You must apply them to skin with your pinky, namely, gently tap in around your eyes.
  9. Moisturizing
    Korean women apply moisturizers exclusively in the evening. In the morning, they go for sunblock and apply a moisturizer before sleep. Moreover, they enrich this stage of skin care with a moisturizing mask once a week.
  10. Sun protection
    Koreans attach great importance to protecting the skin from the sunlight because it is UV radiation which leads to the occurence of pigmentation spots and wrinkles. Post-sun damage is irreversible so both Korean men and women apply a high-factor sunblock every single day. They can choose between creams, powders, liquids and makeup primers. Protecting health isn’t the only reason for applying sunblock. Koreans do it also because of aesthetics – suntan is not trendy (similarly to self-tanners and bronzers).

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