How to Apply the Concealer like a Pro

Many girls who just start their make-up adventure may feel confused and overwhelmed by the choice of concealers available. We may find a huge choice of different shades and consistency. How to choose the perfect concealer for our skin type so it does not look cakey and that it covers our skin imperfections? The good concealer is the beauty product no.1 that every woman ought to have in her bag. The concealer can not only hide blemishes but it also may work as the foundation and it is a great tool to contour your face.

Most of the concealers that can be found on any drugstore shelf contain three basic ingredients: Talc, Titanium Dioxide, and Macadamia Oil. When you think about talk, you may feel worried as you probably instantly saw how a huge amount of it is inhaled straight to your lungs. Talk in small amount used in cosmetics is very safe and its role is to absorb oil excess that your skin is producing. Titanium Dioxide, widely used in sun creams, creates the protective layer that doesn’t allow the concealer to get to your pores. It also reflects the sunrays making your skin appear fresh and glowly. The last ingredient, Macadamia Oil is very nourishing to your skin and it hydrates and moisture your skin throughout the day.

How to apply the concealer?

It all depends what the consistency is and where you want to put it. If you have liquid product you want to use the wand that normally goes with the product. The rest of the concealers should be applied with the flat brush. To hide your under eyes dark circles, you want to use a small brush; for contouring, you can use your foundation or a separate middle-size brush. There are however, concealers in the stick form that have a thick consistency. In order the product to be distributed evenly, it is best to apply a small amount of it on a finger and warm in up a bit before tapping it into the skin.

How to hide skin imperfections?

To minimalize the appearance of grey under eye area use the concealer that is 2-3 shades lighter than your skin as you want to lighten it. There is a common myth telling that to cover blushes colour we need to use pink concealer. The truth is that the pink shade on the top of grey or green colour may result in making this area stand out and being more visible. Try to find the neutral tone lighter than your skin for best effect. In order to hide any black spots or pimples do not use very light concealer because when it is lighter than the rest of your face it will be visible.

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