Individual Lash Extensions – Cheap or Expensive?

Individual Lash Extensions is the fastest growing beauty treatment all over the world. Women love it because it cuts out the make-up routine in busy mornings. It is also perfect for summer when we prefer not to wear heavy make-up but we would rather go sauté. Semi-permanent eyelashes make lashes appear longer and thicker by adhering a fake individual lash to the natural one with a safe, clinically tested glue. False lashes come in various length from 9 to 14mm, shape, and thickness.

Depending on each individual eyelash cycle, the semi-permanent lashes can last up to three months. To keep lashes look full and dense it is recommended to to do the infill maintenance every three weeks. After the treatment, it is crucial to avoid any kind of oil-based make-up products as they may dissolve the adhesive resulting in false lashes falling out. All kinds of good synthetic lashes are very lightweight and they should not weight down the natural ones. If it happens that means that the beauty technician has applied eyelashes that are either too heavy or too long.

The second option is growing lashes long with the help of Lash Enhancing Serum. The formula rich in active agents nourishes eyelash follicles and promotes the healthy hair growth. Within a few weeks of regular use, lashes are longer and denser. Nanolash and Latisse are only a few great Lash Serums that can increase the lash growth by 60%. Lash just like hair, needs proper hydration and nourishment so that it can grow long and strong.

Studies have shown that women who have been using lash serums have less lashes falling out when removing their make-up. Lashes when treated with the lash serum grow on average 5mm longer. Most of the lash enhancing products need to be used systematically for at least 2 months. After that period, it is enough to apply the lash serum twice a week to maintain the results. Those products are safe for sensitive eye area and they do not cause any irritation or redness.

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