Twiggy Style Make-Up

The biggest hit of the following autumn is the Twiggy make-up look. Who the Twiggy was? It was an iconic fashion model and a singer who took the world by a storm in early 1960ties. She was seen in all the most important designers’ catwalks all over the world. Twiggy was well known for being very slim, with short hair and big eyes. When she became famous, she was only 17 and many young women tried to follow her style. She was wearing no make-up apart from strong, dark eyes with extremely long lashes.

The first thing you want to do is to apply the foundation. It is important that the foundation is light coverage. Tinted moisturizer of a BB cream may be perfect alternative to your regular, liquid foundation.

The 1960’s was the time when pale skin was very trendy, as it was all about youthfulness. If you have freckles do show them through the make-up as thy will look flattering with this Twiggy look. Use the concealer to cover any skin discolouration. This way you get the full coverage in the areas that are not perfect but you will keep the make-up light and bright. Set everything with the pressed powder and it is time to move on to eyes.

Avoid any blush or bronzer as the 1960’s were all about the eyes. To create amazing eyes all you need one dark eye shadow, a liquid eyeliner, and a mascara. Build the socket line using the shadow in the outer corner of an eye and bring it all the way were the crease is. Dab the shadow gently into the skin as it is the darkest area of this make-up. Take the soft, eye brush and blend any harsh lines in the crease. It will create the illusion of big, baby doll eyes that were so popular at that time. Use the same shadow to overdraw your lower eyelid just beneath the lash line. Apply the liquid eyeliner starting from the inside of the eye, pull the liner across, and flick it out. Lashes need to be extra-long and thick. Use a ultra-black mascara and cover your lover lashes with it. Apply two or three coats on the bottom lashes and glue the pair of falsies to your upper lashes to achieve the Twiggy look.

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