RANKING Of The Best Lash Serums – Discover The Best Lash-Growth Serum

Which lash serum is the best? If you are looking for a good lash serum – a ranking of world-class lash-growth serums will help you to choose one ensuring quick and excellent results. Discover the best lash enhancers. Check out the following list of the best serums for lash growth!

Which is the best lash serum?

Not sure which lash serum to choose? Here are the 5 factors that helped us determine the winner of the ranking.

  1. A lash serum with a good formula, i.e. short yet rich, aimed at growing, thickening, and nourishing eyelashes.
  2. Performance of the lash serum. A vial should last for an entire treatment, without having to buy another one.
  3. Effectiveness of action. The serum must work quickly. The best ones should improve the appearance of eyelashes after two weeks, delivering full effects within a month.
  4. Effects – they must be spectacular! It should leave your lashes longer, thicker, and darker – this is what the best eyelash serums can do!
  5. Reviews – the more people rate it well, the greater the chances it will also work similarly in you, so the most recommended lash serums should be your best bet.

How to apply a lash serum?

It’s worth knowing how to apply the serum before you choose your favorite. The way to apply each product is usually very similar. Just apply it once a day, (unless the producer recommends twice a day), on clean dry eyelid skin just at the lash line. Just run the brush over the lash line as you do with an eyeliner. The serum should absorb immediately, reaching the roots of the eyelashes and stimulating their growth.


Nanolash Eyelash Serum

This is the best lash serum ever! It has been an undisputed lash champion that’s the most frequently chosen and most recommended serum, which delivers phenomenal eyelashes in a very short time, After two weeks of the treatment you will see that the look of the eyelashes has improved and they look darker, slightly thicker, and more expressive. After 4-5 weeks they will grow long and beautiful. Don’t stop the treatment at that time, just use the serum 3 times a week to maintain the results. The ranking of the best lash serums has easily determined the winner, with a refined formula and great performance. This lash serum also ensures great value for money, considering this serum will last for more than six months of use. Learn more www.nanolash.co.uk.

LASHCODE Eyelash Serum

This lash serum is often mentioned not only right after Nanolash but even in the same place. This lash growth serum has gained a lot of fans because of its unique and special formula. Lashcode contains soybean and wheat germ extracts, which strengthen eyelashes from the follicle, a valuable amino acid (arginine), which stimulates lash growth, and peptides, which stimulate the roots, making eyelashes grow faster so that in just one month you can enjoy your beautiful long and thick eyelashes, which are perfectly nourished, healthy, and strong. Which is the best lash serum? According to many reviews, it is Lashcode!

Revitalash eyelash serum

Are you familiar with this lash growth serum? Surely you might have heard of it: it’s a recommended lash serum which is why it deserved a place in our ranking. Revitalash is an eyelash serum that first became famous for its results of longer, darker, and nourished eyelashes. It is not a cheap lash serum: its price is a big downside, especially since the performance is not too great either. Does the investment provide the expected results? With regularity and meticulous use, after a few weeks, you can notice that your lashes are stronger and longer. The formula contains a special BioPeptin Complex with stimulating properties on the follicles that support the growth of healthy lashes.

Xlash lash serum

Centella Asiatica extract, Japanese knotweed root extract (Polygonum Cuspidatum), baicalein extract (Scutellaria Baicalensis), Chinese tea extract, Camellia Sinensis, licorice root, rosemary, chamomile flower extract… is this a recipe for a natural face toner? No, these are the ingredients of the Xlash eyelash serum. Will the power of plants promote lash growth? Opinions on the subject vary, as only half of the users confirmed their lashes became thicker. However, the fact is that Xlash eyelash serum helps if your lashes are weak and damaged by false lashes or extensions and you wish to improve their condition.

Latisse eyelash serum

Time for the next eyelash serum in the ranking. We are talking about Latisse – today treated as a beauty product as it used to be treated as medicine. It has a long tradition, and although it is no longer so recommended and popular due to its use, performance, and formula, it is still “iconic” and included while considering the list of renowned eyelash serums. Without a doubt, it became famous as an eyelash-strengthening serum. It comes in a bottle resembling eye drops and is equipped with a set of brushes – each for single use. After application, each brush is disposable. For eco-maniacs and followers of the zero-waste movement, this is unacceptable…

FEG eyelash serum

Is this cheap eyelash serum effective? FEG certainly tempts with its low price and it is why it is an often discussed and commented serum on various beauty forums and threads asking “which lash serum do you recommend”. It turns out that although it is often talked about, this does not prove it works well and is effective as FEG works slowly and you actually need many months and several bottles of the serum to see results. To sum up: price-wise it comes out the same as buying one but a better, more expensive, and effective serum.

Eyelash serum ranking – have you chosen the best serum for yourself?

The above ranking of the best lash serums was based on reviews, effectiveness, speed of action, price, and performance of each serum. The criteria allowed us to determine a winner and rank all eyelash serums in order from best to worst. Considering all these factors, it’s obvious that the Nanolash lash serum is the winner. It works quickly and comprehensively and it is tested and safe. Therefore, you no longer have to wonder what is the best eyelash serum!