My Hair Is Crazy Dry! What to Do? Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair

Dry hair doesn’t look nice. It’s dull, coarse and hard to manage. Styling it tends to be a nightmare. There are many causes of hair dryness – the quicker you know them, the sooner you’ll start the proper hair care.

Most common causes of hair dryness

Chemical processing done frequently is the most popular cause of dry hair. Blow-drying, curling or flat-ironing improperly are the wrongdoers too. Hair coloring at home also worsens the hair. If you don’t know how to heat-style your strands safely, then they’ll lose moisture quickly, which leads to dryness and even hair loss.

Weather conditions also cause the loss of moisture. Never go out to the sun without applying a hair protectant first. Dry hair may also be determined by genes or caused by inadequate hair care routines.

What is dry hair like?

Dry hair has high porosity. If you don’t know what porosity type your hair has, then we definitely advise you to find an online test and check it. Without determining the porosity, there’s no successful hair care. If the test doesn’t help, then visit a trichologist.

Hair care for dry hair

Hair care for dry hair should aim at sealing cuticle scales – if they’re raised, then moisture slips away and your hair can’t stay hydrated. Also, remember that dry, split ends can’t be revived even though cosmetic makers promise miraculous effects – cut them off so that the damage doesn’t go up to the lengths and roots of hair. It will be easier to start the proper hair care which bears fruits.

Having nettle tea every day has a beneficial effect on hair. Nettle is rich in substances which are essential for healthy hair growth and shine boost. Drinking nettle tea every day repairs and hydrates the hair. Algae are also beneficial. They are humectants which strengthen the hair and make it smoother and more shiny, and most of all – perfectly moisturized.

How to avoid getting extremely dry hair?

Using mild hair products – free from parabens, silicones and alcohols – is the best choice. Also, giving up on heat styling is a must. Let your hair dry naturally. A dryer’s hot airstream, super-hot flat-iron or curler have a very bad effect on strands. Use them just on special occasions and always apply a heat protectant first (try a cold-pressed oil or heat protectant spray).

When washing, never scrub the scalp with the fingernails – massage it gently with the fingertips. Don’t apply shampoo directly on the scalp but lather it up between the palms and then move on to a nourishing scalp massage. It is essential to stimulate the blood flow, which promotes growth of healthy, strong hair. Always use cool water for final rinsing to seal cuticle scales.

If you want to tie your hair, don’t make a tight ponytail on the top of the head. Choose a messy bun which doesn’t pull the hair, and get a hair tie without metal elements to stop hair breakage.