Moroccanoil Treatment Light – Conditioning treatment for fair hair

Fair or lightened up hair requires special care and protection. Without supporting the strands with high quality products, their structure is exposed to damages – hair loses its pretty colour. Also, such hair isn’t able to keep the water inside which is directly connected with dehydration; and this occurs in a really fast pace. Luckily, Moroccanoil is a light hair oil designed to take care of look and condition of strands.

Moroccanoil Treatment Light is the answer to the needs of fair and lightened up hair. It bases its action on argan oil which is known for being a perfect remedy for damaged, dehydrated and frizz-prone hair. Argan oil protects the entire length of strands thanks to creating a kind of a barrier which doesn’t let water molecules evaporate from within the hair and, at the same time, protects against the destructive influence of toxins deriving from the external environment and high temperatures. Moreover, argan oil stimulates the processes taking place inside hair by supplying it with essential fatty acids. Vitamin E in its high concentration supports hair and doesn’t let it age too fast. Moroccanoil Treatment Light also features linseed extract which effectively and quickly improves hair condition, moisturises and strengthens hair by supplying it with the array of B-group vitamins as well as microelements such as: magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron.

Moroccanoil hair oil has pleasant, sweet fragrance and not too dense consistency. It’s easy to apply to hair. The product is good at penetrating strands. It neither clumps hair nor overburdens it. The good news is that it can be applied in three ways:

– as a leave-on conditioner (applied to damp or dry hair),
– as a hair styling product; to fix a hairdo,
– as a heat protection lotion that shields hair against the destructive action of a blow-dryer or a flat iron.

Moroccanoil Treatment Light is a perfect way to protect hair and improve look of hair. It shields, smooths and intensifies shine of blond hair. This product also takes care of the fair colour of the strands and moisture level. Moreover, Moroccanoil Treatment Light protects hair ends and amazes with its efficiency.