How to take care of your skin? A few effective and proven tips

Skin care is not an easy task. However, there are certain rules that make it simple and effective. Check which principles you should follow to get the best results.

Double cleansing

The main element of care is cleansing. In general, it is best to remove make-up right after coming back home. Do not wait until the evening. A good solution is a method called double cleansing. The first step involves cleansing the skin with a delicate, creamy product that removes all dirt. You can also massage the skin to accelerate blood circulation in the skin cells. The second stage involves exfoliation that will unclog the pores. Such a cosmetic product removes cosmetic residues and sebum and also prepares the skin for further care.


This treatment removes the dead skin, make-up remnants and other impurities. This is the best way to prepare the skin for further care. In fact, you can exfoliate your skin at home or visit a beauty parlour. A technician uses the preparation with lactic or salicylic acid, which meets the needs of your skin.

Nourishing facial serum

How can you supply necessary nutrients to the skin? Buy a facial serum that suits your skin type. A good idea is to buy a second serum that will complement the action of the first one. Such care products most often contain vitamins, ceramides, plant extracts and minerals.

Face mask is a must!

This is the easiest and fastest way to professionally care for your skin. Face masks should be used at least once a week and be preceded with a face scrub. This way the ingredients will easily penetrate deep into the skin. The face mask should be adapted to the needs of the skin.

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