The most popular beauty treatments of 2014

The most popular beauty treatments of 2014
Beauty requires a lot of sacrifice and pain. Well, at least it was perceived this way a couple of years ago when the most popular beauty treatment was the Brazilian bikini wax. Ugh.. it must hurt. A couple years later, most of the treatments are almost completely pain-free and they involve very little recovery time. Keep reading to find out about most popular treatments in the UK.

1. Eyelash Extensions

According to Harlington Spa Centre, the lash extensions won hearts of thousand women all over the country. You can choose the length of your lashes, their thickness and the amount. The standard procedure involves gluing the false lashes to the natural ones in 1:1 proportion with the help of special, safe adhesive. If you would like to go for more dramatic look, you can try 3D or 6D lashes. The number before D indicates the number of lashes being applied to one natural eyelash. If you would like to have Kim Kardashian’s lashes, no problem. The good beautician can make your wish come true. The price has become more affordable and finding a good lash specialist is no longer a problem. Although this kind of treatment is very damaging to natural lashes, women queue to have it done.

2. Whole body fake tan

Tanning beds had their golden times in late 90ies. Now it is the era of spray tan. Women love it for the immediate effect and for the fact that it does not cause any skin problems like tanning beds or natural light. All you have to do is to put your bikini on ( not necessary), tight up your hair, spread your arms and legs and the rest will be done for you. You can pick the shade of your tan, whether you prefer the light tone or the deep olive shade. Great option for wedding or prom when you want to look fresh and sun-kissed. The tan will last for at least three weeks and it should fade gradually. Many women decide to maintain this gorgeous, look by using spray or lotion tanning products that are available in any drug store.

3. Laser Hair Removal

It seems that times when we were stealing the razor from our husbands is far behind. According to the research 1 in 4 women is undergoing or has already undergone the lasher hair removing treatment. Although it is quite expensive, it seems that women are happy to pay any price for smooth legs and other parts of the body. According to beauticians who offers this kind of treatment, it reduces stress and make women less nervous and anxious. They do not have to about constantly worry and think about their legs or armpits. Knowing that their parts of the body are completely smooth, makes them more comfortable in their own bodies.

4. Botox Injection

A few years ago, Botox injections were reserved for celebrities and rich people. These days, more and more people decide to have some part of the body filled in with this popular toxin. It is used not only to shallow wrinkles, but Botox can also successfully cure perspiration and joint pains. The results are visible after a couple of days and it should last for up to 10 months.

The Botox injections have become more affordable and finding the qualified doctor is a matter of a few hours.

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