Hair oils – natural protection against high temperature

Protection of hair against hot air produced by the blow dryer, straightener or curler is extremely important matter. To be true, there is no product that can entirely protect hair during the treatment of this sort, but certainly there exists cosmetic that can inhibit it and prevent damage to hair.

We talk about natural oils, i.e. substances obtained from seeds and kernels of given plants. Natural conditioning oils for hair are always cold presses, so they preserve numerous vitamins, trace elements and essential fatty acids omega – 3, 6, 7 or 9. Thanks to such diversity of nourishing and regenerating ingredients, they provide hair with proper care and – by creating on hair an invisible layer – protect them against high temperature (over 60-70°C). What is the impact of high temperatures on hair? Above all, change the physical state of the water in the inner hair structures. It starts vaporise and in other words just escape the hair, at the same time permanently damaging hair cuticles, because of its search for the easiest “way out”.

It would be best to dry hair with optimal temperature, which is lower than the one when the damage occurs. Manufacturers of blow dryers always hand an information on the temperature produced by the device. Whether it is harmful or not you can check on your own: when you direct air stream at hand (holding the device in the distance you usually dry hair) and you will be able to last a minute, it means that the blow dryer produces just right temperature for hair. When it comes to the curler, straightener and other stylisation tools, there is unfortunately, no hope for hair: they become dry and damaged with every next day and every next stylisation.

This is exactly why of great significance is strengthening them everyday with help of natural oils, chosen accordingly to their needs. With their help is performed so called, hair oil treatment, i.e. treatment based on the application of oil on hair and scalp for a given time (oil can be kept on throughout the night) then rinsed with delicate shampoo.

Oil can be applied on the half of the hair length – both on dry hair (even few times a day, especially before drying or straightening) and wet hair right after hair wash. It is best to combine all the methods to provide hair with the highest level of moisture, nourishment and regeneration.

Natural oils protect not only exceptionally damaged hair. Correctly chosen oil will have great impact on all hair types. Even thick and strong strands can damage while excessively straightened or dried with hot air. Therefore, if your hair are healthy and thick, protect them with coconut oil or palm oil. Average condition hair (co called medium porosity hair) will like: avocado oil, macadamia oil, argan oil and almond oil. On the other hand very damaged and dry hair will like grape seed oil, maize oil, sunflower oil, pumpkin seed oil or black seed oil.