Makeup remover wipes. Are they worth using?

Makeup removal is a very important stage of face care. For this purpose we usually use cleaning milks or toners forgetting about special makeup remover wipes. Are they also effective in removing makeup and sebum, leaving the skin clean and refreshed?

What are makeup remover wipes?

Makeup wipes are a type of wet wipes that quickly cleanse the skin. They are hypoallergenic and safe for the skin. There are several types of makeup remover wipes that correspond to the skin types. Among the most universal wipes for normal skin, there are also:

  • soothing skin irritations for dry skin;
  • removing excess sebum with matte effect on oily skin;
  • antibacterial for acne skin;
  • moisturising and removing excess sebum for combination skin;
  • alcohol-free with organic ingredients for allergic skin;
  • moisturising with vitamin E for mature skin.

The wipes can be used as a product for removing cosmetics and impurities or as just one of the stages of makeup removal used with other cleansing products. Interestingly, these wipes can also be used for many different purposes. They are perfect for refreshing or washing the hands, cleaning the face after swimming in a pool or washing other parts of the body.

Make-up remover wipes – advantages

The wipes can be used:

  • to thoroughly clean and refresh the skin on hot days;
  • to refresh the hands and face while traveling;
  • whenever you need to clean your face quickly and conveniently.

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