Tom Ford and the Oud Wood fragrance

Tom Ford is one of the largest contemporary fashion designers. He worked for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent for 10 years. He currently has his own brand Tom Ford, under which he also produces perfumes. How does one of Tom Ford’s fragrances – Oud Wood smell?

Oud Wood Perfume – general information and price

Oud Wood, which, like every fragrance, has gained the name of perfume, in fact, it belongs to the category of perfumed water. It has been produced in 2007 and designed for men and women (unisex). The price of Oud Wood perfume depends on the capacity; we can choose from a 100, 50 and 30 ml bottle, as well as a two-millilitre sample bottle. The high price of Oud Wood is dictated by the selection of luxurious and precious ingredients that co-create aromatic notes. The name of the perfume refers directly to them. The Oud Wood bottle has a classic look that resembles an ancient column. It is determined by the shape of the cuboid and the nut extended upwards. In addition, the bottle is marked with an ascetic sign, which depending on the capacity of the perfume is golden or black.

Oud Wood – composition 

The composition of Oud Wood is co-created by various scent notes, including vanilla, rosewood, sandalwood, Tonka beans, amber, vetiver, cardamom, agar, Sichuan pepper, Brazilian rosewood and ambergris. All of them make Oud Wood a unique oriental-woody fragrance.

The Tom Ford brand

The Tom Ford brand was founded in the United States in 2005. It has made its debut with the collection of men’s clothes and glasses, thanks to which it quickly gained international recognition. The Tom Ford brand has created nearly 80 fragrances. The oldest composition is from 2006, and the youngest from 2018.

Tom Ford

His full name is Thomas Carlyle Ford and he was born in Texas in 1961. He is a fashion designer as well as a director and screenwriter. His story began in 1985 when he decided to work with Cathy Hardwick. A well-known designer, thanks to his persistence and knowledge of clothing brands, Hardwick eventually hired him. From 1988, Tom Ford worked as the head of the stylist department at Perry Ellis. Two years later, he was employed by the Gucci fashion house, where Tom Ford initially worked as a designer, and later promoted to the position of the designer and creative director. When in 1999 Gucci bought the French brand Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford took on the design of the prêt-à-porter collection. In 2004, Gucci was bought by Pinault Printemps Redoute and Ford resigned from work. This is how the Tom Ford brand was founded.

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