How to Have Beautiful Hair? Repair with Argan Oil

Most of women all over the world aren’t happy with their hair looks. That’s why haircare products are most frequently bought. Women are ready to pay a lot to enjoy flawless-looking, healthy hair. Shampoos and conditioners aren’t enough to improve its appearance, though. So – what’s the best hair remedy?

The secret of hair care is simple – apart from hair-nourishing products, the method for using them matters, too. Argan oil is a winner here, being all-natural and non-comedogenic. It belongs to antioxidants which help keep the strands young.

Argan oil is a source of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, vitamin E and phytosterols. It’s like an elixir of hair youthfulness. Argan oil replenishes lipids, reinforces the hair and skin protective coat. It has a natural UV filter that protects from the sunlight, damaging power of blow-dryers and flat irons. Most of all, argan oil increases blood flow to the scalp, strengthens the bulbs, stimulating faster growth and hindering hair loss.

Argan oil – which hair type does it go with?

Due to the content and balance of fatty acids (36% of omega-6 and 49% of omega-9), argan oil is right for the medium porosity hair (weak, sensitive and thinning) and high porosity hair (dry, brittle and damaged).

How to use argan oil?

Mixing it with other oils for intensified effects is the best solution. Applying the Moroccan oil to the scalp is the key because the beauty of hair has its source in the scalp. Argan oil doesn’t just penetrate the hair structure but also the bulbs which gain power and start producing healthy and strong strands. The more damaged the hair is, the longer the oil should sit in (before washing it off with a shampoo).

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