Best Make-Up Hacks

How to find the perfect nude lipstick shade for yourself? Many of us struggle with this task. We all know how the nude colour looks like but when we go to the shop, we are going to find 20 different variations of nude colour. It turns out that the perfect nude shade should match not the colour of your lips but …your gums. When picking the lipstick in the shop just smile widely and choose the shade that is as close to your gums colour as close as possible.

Longer, thicker lashes without falsies? One of the best tricks is to use the baby powder. All you need are two products, your favourite mascara, and gentle, scent free baby powder. First, apply the mascara than put the powder on the tip of your cotton bud and when the mascara is still wet just swipe the bud along your lashes. Wait for the mascara to dry and apply another layer of the mascara on the top of it. This way you will achieve amazingly long, thick lashes.

It seems that the baby powder is truly universal beauty product because apart from lengthening your lashes it can also be used as a dry shampoo. If you are in a rush and do not have time to wash your hair and then blow-dry it, massage a small amount of the powder into your scalp and then brush it off so you don’t have any white residue left. The powder sucks up all excess oil and it will leave your hair looking fresh and clean.
Use any paper card and put it behind your lashes when applying mascara. It will save your make-up from smudging. You can also use it on the lower lashes and you are sure that the mascara not transfer under your eye area.

Are your lips thin and small? Create your own lips plumper that will give make your lips much bigger in a matter of seconds. Add a tiny bit of peppermint oil to your lip-gloss and stir it firmly. If you do not have the peppermint oil of if you are not a big fan of this scent, you can replace it with a pinch of cinnamon. Thanks to this trick, your pout will look and smell amazing.

If you love eye shadow and you want the colour to pop, try to apply the white eyeliner or a light cream shadow as a base. This trick will make the shadow appear brighter and more vibrant. When you apply the shadow on a damp eyelid, your eye shadow will also seem more pigmented.

This is the perfect trick for any long lashes sucker. If you have a steel lash curlier, warm it a bit with the hairdryer. Then curl lashes being careful not to burn your skin. Heat helps your lashes stay longer and curlier for the whole day.

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