Skin Care for 25+

Every young woman would like to look pretty and healthy. If you are over 25 and interested in beauty products, this article is for you. You need to know that around this age we can observe the first signs of skin being less elastic than before. Do not worry as sooner or later your face will be covered with wrinkles. How to make it later than sooner? Thankfully the medicine and the science got together to postpone this process it as much as possible.

If you are 25 then it means that you have mature skin that requires special care. The collagen that is responsible for the skin elastically is produced in smaller amount. The skin does not hold moisture as effectively as before and the first wrinkles can appear. It is the good time for some skin treatments, which will nourish it and provide it with essential microelements.

There are a few rules when it comes to 25+-skin care. Every evening you must remove your make-up. Never go to bed with your mascara on. You may not see it the next day but this negligence will take its tool. Nigh time is crucial as the whole body rests, gets rid of old cells, and rebuilds the new ones. The skin covered by traces of make-up, oil and dust cannot breathe, therefore the dead cells are stored under the deeper skin tissues. If it happens more than once, it may result in inflammation and outbreaks. Use good make-up cleanser and if you cannot force yourself to go to the bathroom, you can always use the cotton pad and Micellar water.

Once the skin is clean, apply a moisturizer for mature skin. The product you are going to use for the daytime and for evening will vary. In the morning, make sure that you use the moisturizer with SPF. The Sunrays are very harmful if you are not protected. For under eye areas you can start using anti- wrinkle creams. The sooner you start the better. There is nothing to be afraid of as anti- wrinkle creams contain the same ingredients but they are also rich in vitamins A and E. Once a week use a good face scrub to get rid of exfoliated cells and to increase the blood circulation.

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