Lash Growth Serums – Eyelash Care Facts & Myths

There’s a reason why eyelash growth serums are such a craze. They nourish and reinforce fragile lashes, stimulate their growth and prevent falling out. Are the things you read about a lash serum always true? Check it out.

First lash care products appeared long time ago. In ancient times, women reached for substances to strengthen the lashes and define the look. Egyptian women liked to use a mix of soot, olive and egg white which gave a great length and dark shade. Nowadays, we also go for olive oil or castor oil yet you can get better effects with an everyday application of a concentrated serum.

Do you know the effects of a professional lash serum?

It usually features a set of strongly-concentrated nutrients that are necessary for the right lash growth. The effects are confirmed by online opinions on the websites with lash serum reviews. It turns out that a high-quality serum isn’t just able to nourish, repair and strengthen the lashes but also ensures faster growth and keeps them from falling out. As a result:

  • eyelashes are longer, thicker and more elastic,
  • baby lashes appear,
  • eyes get a definition.


It might seem like there’s nothing complicated about such products. Still, there’s lots of misleading info on the effects and use of lash growth serums. It’s time to do away with the most popular myths.

Myth 1. It’s said that lash serums are harmful. Among hundreds of commercially-available enhancers, there might be a few which don’t amaze with the ingredients but most of them are safe – dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested. If you choose a good-quality serum with natural, paraben-free and alcohol-free composition, your eyelashes will be fine.

Myth 2. Women tend to think that the more they apply, the faster the effects. It’s not true. A minimal quantity every evening for lash strength is enough. Applying too much of the serum makes no sense.

Myth 3. You could hear an opinion that a serum causes falling out after you stop using it. This is wrong, too. No matter the serum, our lashes fall out because it’s a natural stage of the growth. The product may slightly extend the stage and lashes fall out later on. We’re not going to lose them all after finishing the treatment, that’s for sure. Nature has designed it in a way to replace old lashes with new, healthy and beautiful ones.

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