How to Wash Your Hair Correctly

You may think that cleaning your hair is very simple activity. You do it at least once a week or more often. It turns out that many women do it incorrectly and as the result, they damage their hair.

Hair loos, split ends, dandruff, and many other hair issues are mainly attributed to incorrect hair care. It includes washing and drying curls. When we have problem with hair or scalp we tend to blame the shampoo. We think that the shampoo that is not the right for our hair is the main cause of our problems. Indeed, it may have impact on the condition of our locks just like using any heat tools. It is important however to learn how to take care of our hair in a proper way. The quickest way to fix your damaged hair is wash it correctly.

Before washing your hair first, detangle it. Regardless of its length, make sure that you won’t have any hair out when you finger comb it. Pour a tiny bit of the shampoo on your palm and massage it gently into your scalp. Never pour shampoo directly on your hair, as you will use much more product than normally. It is crucial to massage your skin as it promotes the hair growth. It increases the blood circulation and the hair follicles receive more nourishment and oxygen. Wash your hair two times making sure that you clean all head areas. It is important to rinse your hair with lukewarm water. You need to remove all shampoo so it does not irritate the skin. Wrap your hair in the cotton or paper towel. Do not rub it as it make it prone to breakage. Detangle your locks with wide toothcomb starting from ends and moving upwards. Avoid blow dry if you have some time.

Go no poo?

Scientists have proved that if the head skin is not treated with any chemical detergents like shampoo or conditioners, the scalp regulates the production of sebum.

As a result, less oil is being disposed and hair are less greasy. It takes a lot of patience as to achieve this result you will have to restrain yourself from washing hair for at least 2 months before seeing the difference.

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