How do hair rinses work?

Hair rinse is an optimum solution for people who wish to slightly change their hair colour without chemical dyes. Thanks to regular use, they will not dye the hair but enhance the natural colour. How to use a hair rinse? Discover recipes for brightening and darkening hair rinses.

How to use a hair rinse?

Such a product should be used after shampooing and rinsing. To make the procedure a bit longer, it is best to rinse the hair above a large bowl so the liquid will flow into it which will allow you to rinse the hair once more. In order to strengthen the effects of the rinse, wrap wet hair in a towel and leave it like that for about half an hour, then rinse once more. Beware that the towel may get stained permanently.

Brightening hair rinses – recipes 

Chamomile hair rinse 

It is perfect for women with blonde hair because it highlights the hair, enhances its natural colour. To prepare it, pour a litre of hot water over 4 handfuls of chamomile herb or 4 sachets of chamomile tea. Cover the bowl, after 30 minutes of brewing, strain the leaves (if there are any), wait a bit for the infusion to cool down and then, rinse your hair in it. Chamomile hair rinse does not require additional rinsing with clean water and it can be used after each hair wash.

Lemon juice hair rinse 

That’s probably the best way to brighten the hair. To prepare it, combine one litre of water with lemon juice (squeeze 4 lemons). Next, rub it into the hair and rinse. Due to the fact that lemon juice provides drying properties, the rinse is not recommended for people with weak or damaged hair. It can be used max twice a week.

Darkening hair rinses – recipes 

Coffee grounds hair rinse 

Coffee hair rinse not only darkens the hair but also strengthens and regenerates it. To prepare it, pour 4 teaspoons of ground coffee into one litre of boiling water. Then cover the container and let it infuse for 20 minutes. When the coffee has cooled down, rinse the hair with it and then rinse with water. A coffee rinse can be used every couple of washes.

Walnut shells rinse 

To prepare it, you need fresh walnuts in green shells. Peel and chop the shells with a knife and cook in water for 2 hours. For one litre of water use two handfuls of shells. Finally, rinse your hair with a cooled liquid. Such a rinse should not be used too often, as it can dry out the hair.

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