Ranking of 6 Lash Extension Kits Suitable For Beginners

Is it possible to apply your own lash extensions in literally just 10 minutes? That’s exactly what the at-home lash kits from brands like Nanolash, Kiss, and Lashify provide. These false cluster lashes are applied to the upper eyelids underneath the natural lashes. In this way, the application is very simple and doesn’t take much time. Apart from that, DIY lash extensions provide a very natural effect, which makes them increasingly popular. Each kit for styling eyelashes at home, in addition to the false lashes themselves, includes the necessary products and an applicator. Which kit is worth choosing for the first time? Here is a ranking of 7 products from top makeup brands.

Ranking of popular eyelash extension kits, allowing you to style your lashes by yourself

DIY lash extensions have become a particularly popular way to emphasize the eyes recently. It involves applying false cluster lashes underneath the natural ones so that’s what makes them different from regular strip lashes. As a result, they are much less noticeable even when the eyes are closed. With ordinary lash clusters, generally, the joining points are very noticeable. So, regarding this aspect, DIY lash extensions are much better too.

In addition, they have a huge advantage in terms of the application. They provide a perfect solution to women with skills and no prior experience with DIY eyelash extensions. Using DIY cluster lashes, it’s possible in less than 10 minutes

The lashes are available in ready-to-use starter kits which include everything necessary for creating a complete lash look. That includes an applicator which facilitates applying the lashes underneath the natural ones. The kits usually also come with a manual which describes how to perform the application step-by-step.

False lashes look best when they are able to provide a natural effect, making it hard to differentiate them from natural ones. How to achieve this effect though? There are two conditions. One involves proper application, and the second regards choosing the right kit.

In order for the lash look to look good and boost confidence, DIY lash extensions need to be soft and lightweight. Which brands have them in their range? Below, you’ll find a ranking of the best DIY lash extension kits with cluster lashes that can emphasize female beauty perfectly. Their quality can meet any woman’s demands. The ranking includes a professional lash extension kit from Nanolash and a false lash kit from Lashify, among others.

Top 6 most noteworthy lash extension kits

Even though cluster lashes that are applied underneath the natural lashes are still considered an innovation, many beauty brands already have them in their range. That also includes the brands appreciated by professionals. The question is: which kit to choose to ensure spectacular effects without overpaying?

1. Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit

DIY Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit is valued not only by beginners, but also by professional makeup artists. This product comes from the renowned Nanolash brand.

cluster lash kit nanolash

The kit includes:

  • 36 cluster lashes
  • a bonder – product necessary for applying the clusters (5ml)
  • a sealer – formula necessary for fixing the ready lash look (5ml)
  • a remover – product facilitating removing the lashes
  • an applicator – perfectly-shaped tweezers

The cluster lashes included in the DIY Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit are available in three lengths: 10, 12, and 14 mm. They are also available in 8 styles. The most popular ones include: CLASSY, HEARTBREAKER, FLIRTY, DIVINE, and CHARM. Applying them takes juz 10 minutes which is one of the biggest advantages of this kit. To do so, you need to apply some glue underneath the cluster and then apply it about 1 mm away from the water line. At this point, it’s worth squeezing the lashes using the applicator.

The cluster lashes included in this kit are enough for a couple of applications. Based on the reviews, it seems like they are sufficient for about 6 lash looks. With proper application and care, they last up to 7 days on the eyes, making them a perfect choice for women who don’t have time for applying new lashes every 2 or 3 days.

2. Velour-Xtensions Kit

Velour-Xtensions Kit from Velour Beauty is a starter kit for DIY lash extensions that includes 12 lash clusters, so that’s way less than what the DIY Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit provides. In the case of the Nanolash kit, you get 36 cluster lashes.

This product should be most interesting for women who plan to apply the lashes regularly. The Velour-Xtensions Kit can be purchased on the brand’s website individually or in a form of regular subscription (in the long term, it can save you quite a lot).

The cluster lashes inside the Velour-Xtensions Kit are available in three lenghts, you get 4 clusters each. The lengths are: 10, 12, and 14 mm. Apart from that, Velour Beauty also provides an applicator and a small bonder.

3. Ardell X-tended Wear Lash System KIT

This is a third set for DIY application at home. It will also work well for beginners. It includes cluster lashes and a bonder, ensuring durability of the application. The set also provides an applicator and a remover.

Applying these cluster lashes takes 10-15 minutes. In the case of women with little experience, it will probably takes about 15 minutes or a little longer.

Generally, the Ardell kit receives quite positive reviews. Unfortunately, some women question the lashes themselves, claiming they are all nearly identical. The only difference is in their lengths.

4. KISS Falscara Starter Kit

The Falscara Starter Kit contains cluster lashes for self-application that are supposed to withstand even 10 days on the eyes. Regarding this aspect, this kit is really worth considering. The Kiss lash kit includes 2×5 cluster lashes, and BOND, SEAL, and a convenient applicator.

Although the lashes from the Falscara kit can last even up to 10 days continuously, you have to admit that you don’t get too many for this price. And you have to consider the risk that they may not last that long in your case. That’s because they need to be properly protected overnight. There’s a special product for this task – OVERNIGHTER Long Wear Sealer, which, unfortunately, isn’t included in the Falscara Starter Kit.

5. Tatti Lashes Invisi-Lash Kit

In this case, the lash clusters are available with a clear or black strip. Apart from that, the Invisi-Lash Kit provides lashes in multiple styles to choose from. When it comes to the durability of these cluster lashes, there are mixed reviews. A lot depends on the application method, how long you wear the lashes, and whether you care for them properly. Regarding removing the lashes, a big minus for the lack of a remover.

The professional lash extension kit – Invisi-Lash Kit contains:

  • 40 cluster lashes
  • Invisi-Lash Bond
  • Seal Glue
  • a brush.
  • an applicator

6. Lashify Starter Kit

What’s most noticeable about this kit, after comparing it with the others included in this ranking, is its much higher price. However, one must admit that it goes hand in hand with high quality, and most women who tried it, were very happy with it. 

The Lashify brand ensures their users are happy in all aspects. The cluster lashes along with the applicator and all the products necessary for the application come in a convenient box with a mirror which is a great option while traveling.

Apart from the hefty price tag, the users also complain  that you only get 10 cluster lashes in the kit. Moreover, they usually last about 5 days max. Considering the durability of the cluster lashes from Nanolash, this certainly is not the best option in this ranking.

Which lash extension kit from this ranking works best?

Every woman who plans to do her own lash extensions has to choose a set that will match her individual needs. They include the desired makeup effects, among others. Apart from that, you also have to remember that the custer lashes must be adjusted to the natural lash length, volume, and curl.

When it comes to the price, quality of the lashes, and ease of application, the Nanolash false lash kit is worth recommending. The DIY Eyelash Extensions Starter Kit ensures you can apply the lashes in less than 10 minutes. Furthermore, the complete lash look can last for many days flawlessly. Many women claim they wore the lashes for over 7 days which definitely outclasses other kits from the ranking.

Choosing a set should be a well-thought-out decision and the ranking above provides just a suggestion. It is a practical comparison of 6 different kits, that will also work well for women applying their lash extensions at home for the first time.