Natural skin care products from Veges

They taste great but they can also cure our skin. Do you know what these are? You are right, vegetables. Ideally if they have grown in our own garden. We love their taste but not many know that they can be used used externally?

Why vegetables are so good to our health? With fruits, they are the best source of vitamins and minerals. They contain vitamin A,C,P,K,B and fibre that is essential to our well-being and good digestion. Fresh, raw vegetables are low in calories, speed up our metabolism, and they have amazing detoxification properties. We can remain fit and full of energy for long years if we consume enough amount of juicy veges including the leafy, greens. Thanks to vitamins and minerals our sight sharpens, skin glows and our immune system gets stronger.

We can use vegetables in a form of a pulp and apply it on our skin to witness amazing its healing and rejuvenating.
The popular veg that has been used by thousand years is the pumpkin. The seeds as well as the flesh is rich in calcium, iron zinc, and magnesium. This combination of minerals can help to rebuild the skin cells very effectively. It also moisturizes dry skin and it minimalizes the inflammation. Pumpkin is well known for killing all kinds of bacteria and pathogens.

Carrot is the vitamin bomb. It evens the skin colour and it protects it from the harmful sunrays. It is recommended especially to mature people with dry skin. To get the best result, grate the carrot, mix it with small amount of honey and the Greek cream, and apply it for the skin for 20 min. Then rinse it off with warm water and apply a moisturizer.

Cucumber is probably the most popular beauty vegetable. We all know that it can soothe tired eyes, but do you know that it can also make your look younger. Similar to lemon, it is a strong, natural bleach, which can be used to minimalize any skin discolouration. It may be the live saviour for anybody with acne. If you use the cucumber mask systematically, you will notice a huge difference in the appearance of your skin.

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