7 Skin Care Mistakes – Don’t Make Them!

Even when you care for your skin, it may be far from perfect. You may be unaware you make basic skin care mistakes, worsening the condition of the skin. Read the article and make sure your routine is what it should be like.

1. You don’t tone your skin

Merely washing the face isn’t enough. Cleansing gels strip the skin of the lipid layer and disturb its natural pH. That’s why a toner is a must – it calms the skin and restores the pH. Use it after washing and before serum and moisturizer. Toner makes sure all skin functions run smoothly and the skin has its protective shield. Remember that we all have different skin – we need to match the right products.

2. You don’t remove make-up before sleep

You’re coming back from a party and all you dream of is nodding off? You’ve been busy all day and want to sleep once you get back home? Never skip removing make-up! Sleeping with make-up on quickly worsens the skin which can’t breathe. The inflammation occurs and the skin has no chance to go through the intensive skin repair that happens at night.

3. You don’t sun-protect your skin

Photoaging is one of the most serious skin problems. UV radiation is its biggest enemy! Remember that year-round sun protection – not just when you go sunbathing – is super important. Get yourself a quality SPF cream (SPF 15 in the autumn and winter, higher in the other two seasons) and use it every day.

4. You apply serum and moisturizer and go to bed right off

If you don’t want your serum or cream sink in your pillow, then don’t go to sleep right after applying them. Give them several minutes. Otherwise your skincare routine will go down the drain.

5. You touch your face

Acne breakouts and inflamed skin bother you? Touching the face too often may be the cause. Drop this awful habit to stop transferring bacteria from your hands and triggering new inflammation.

6. You overuse skincare products

Moderation is welcome in skincare routine. Less is more in this case. Cut the amount of cream or moisturizer you use. A dime-sized amount of the cream is more than enough for the face. Using too much weighs skin down and clogs the skin pores leading to breakouts.

7. You forget about a healthy diet and hydrating the body

Skincare routine matters a lot but you must remember it won’t do much good if you don’t eat a healthy diet abounding in vitamins and minerals. You must also remember to drink enough water to keep the body hydrated. If you care for your body from within, it will surely repay you, looking lovely.

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