Birch Tree Water in Hair Care. Properties, Benefits & Effects

It’s been used for a very long time, gives incredible effects and is all natural. What is it? Birch tree water. It is a stunner in hair and scalp care. Check its action, properties and what you can get by adding it to your beauty care.

What is birch water?

Birch tree water is used for skin and hair care in form of a face toner, a hair rinse or a scalp lotion. Birch water, also called birch juice, is a mixture of birch juice and ethyl alcohol. There is both industrial and home production of this product. Due to the alcohol content, you can’t drink it. On the other hand, you can drink birch juice which is an extraction of nutrients transported from roots to leaves and buds.

Birch water – cosmetic uses

Due to the content of alcohol, observe your skin during the birch water treatment and if you spot it’s getting dry, stop using the product. How to use birch water? You can apply it to scalp and face skin to fight pigmentation spots. Leave the product on skin for a few hours or overnight. Birch tree water is dirt cheap; one bottle should be enough for around a month. If you like, you can buy birch tree water-infused cosmetics.

Birch tree water for skin & hair

Birch water delivers amazing skin and hair benefits. It boosts hair growth, strengthens bulbs, helps eliminate dandruff and oiliness. It is possible thanks to the content of vitamin B. Birch water also contains salicylic acid which is responsible for skin freshness and regulating sebaceous glands.

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