All You Want to Know about Botox but You Wouldn’t Dare to Ask

Botox is Botulinum toxin. It is commonly known as the toxin because it is secreted in rotten meat and canned food. Even though swallowed Botulinum toxin is a strong poison, it is fully safe when injected in small quantities. What are the botox uses, how it works and what a botox injection involves?

Botox – uses

Botox eliminates:

  • forehead lines (horizontal and vertical ones between the eyebrows),
  • crow’s feet,
  • under-eye lines,
  • wrinkles above the upper lip,
  • neck lines,
  • and lifts lip corners.

How Botox works?

Expression lines result from over-activity of muscles in specific face parts. A muscle shrinks after it gets a signal from the nerve fiber. Botox is injected into the muscle blocking the transition of stimuli, which prevents the occurrence of expression lines. The effects are maintained for around six months; in some cases – even ten months.

Botox – step-by-step procedure

Immediately before the treatment, a doctor degreases and disinfects skin with an alcohol-free preparation. Soothing with ice cubes is the only form of anaesthesia because botox injections resemble mosquito’s bites.

The preparation is injected in the forehead area in eight spots: near the crow’s feet (three injections for both sides) and on the lower eyelids (one or two injections on both sides). The doctor cools down the skin again and applies vitamin K cream which prevents the occurrence of bruises. For next three hours, you can’t massage the skin, bend over or lie down to keep the preparation from flowing down to the lower parts of the face.

Botox injection takes around fifteen minutes so it’s known as a lunchtime procedure. First effects are visible after 2-14 days. After two weeks, the doctor must check if botox is spread evenly. If not, you need a correction.

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