Brow soap: TOP 6 products that deliver the soap brows effect!

Soap brows mean eyebrows styled using soap; a unique makeup trend that’s taken over Instagram. What makes this method so popular? It’s because bushy, voluminous arches are in style. Don’t worry if you haven’t been blessed with full brows – for you, we compiled the TOP 6 brow soaps which deliver the soap brows effect.

Which brow soap to choose?

The beauty market offers many eyebrow soaps but which one is the best? A brow styling soap should have a composition full of caring waxes or oils that will tame unruly hairs and keep them in the desired shape. A good brow soap will help you create the perfect soap brows in a flash – you will be amazed! We want to make this task easy for you so we prepared for you “brow soaps – ranking” where we compiled only recommended eyebrow styling soaps.

How to style using eyebrow soap?

Soap brows ensure the natural and beautiful appearance of your arches. See how to create soap brows step by step:

Step 1. Prepare your tools: you need a colourless brow soap and a brush or a spoolie (one of them usually comes with the set).

Step 2. Prepare your eyebrows: make sure they’re cleansed, and free of oils and other styling products. You can use micellar water to remove any makeup residue.

Step 3. Wet the soap with water or a mist: some soaps don’t require activating with liquids which is much more convenient.

Step 4. Apply soap to brows: rub the soap into your brows using a brush or a spoolie. Apply it in the direction of hair growth to achieve natural-looking, brushed-up eyebrows.

Step 5. Style your arches: wait a moment after the application so the product dries a bit. Use a brush or a spoolie in order to get rid of the excess product.

Step 6. Fix any imperfections: if your eyebrows are full of sparse areas and cavities, fill them in using tinted brow makeup cosmetics such as pencil, powder or pomade.



best brow soap

A gel brow styling soap of a lightweight consistency – perfect for fans of minimalist looks and ‘no makeup’ makeup. It isn’t heavy on the hairs, styles and fixes them for the day, delivering a laminated brow effect without the need to leave the house! Nanobrow Eyebrow Styling Soap lets you create stunning soap brows using only a few strokes. The product adapts to every woman who wishes to correct the look of her eyebrows. This brow soap is for special tasks; it manages even very thick, unruly hairs! The Nanobrow soap works without water so you can use it anywhere you are and whenever you want. The product is contained in a little handy metal tin which is inviting you to use it daily. It can be used solo or as a setting fixer for other tinted brow makeup products. The set contains a convenient, ergonomically-based spoolie that facilitates creating stylings for any occasion. Not only will this transparent eyebrow soap lock your hair in place but also take care of them and keep them looking aesthetically pleasing – they’ll become more supple, hydrated and, finally, they will look fuller! The Nanobrow soap is the quickest way to get groomed, elegant arches. It’s not flaky and doesn’t leave an unpleasant-looking residue or glue hairs together. This unique product will hold your hair in check without overburdening them and ensure a spectacular look!


good brow soap

This brow soap of a wax consistency is capable of lifting your eyebrows and fixating their shape. Bushy, messy eyebrows are trendy and you achieve this effect from the first use. The product is easy to apply so even inexperienced users will easily manage the application. This colourless brow soap lets you get full, lifted eyebrows that stay intact all day long. You’re guaranteed easy application without water and its lightweight consistency that works for very thin, sparse eyebrows. This fast-drying soap adheres to both skin and hair, taming brows for several hours to come. It doesn’t leave any residue and isn’t flaky. Create soap brows with this clear brow soap!


brow soap review

This brow soap works like wax! You can choose from two coloured versions: transparent and brown. Pick the one that matches you best and start working. This brow soap provides you with the volume you dreamt of and styles your eyebrow hairs for the day. This innovative product offers a makeup glow and a very expressive gaze. The composition includes substances that soften and take care of hair as well as prevent hair loss. Unfortunately, this eyebrow soap requires using water which many consumers find inconvenient. Its ultra-strong malleable formula adapts to all kinds of eyebrows, ensuring a pretty finish and a stylish soap-brows effect. The product groms brows for the day and take care of their proper hydration levels.


what brow soap is best

All you need is a handy brush and a bit of water so the soap can give you thickness and definition for day and night. The laminated brow look is very eye-catching and this innovative product knows the way. A dampened spoolie will brush out your brows perfectly and define them, strengthening from the hair follicles to the ends. If you wish to become your own brow stylist, you will have to experiment and find the best water-to-soap ratio. Only a bit of water and using the product economically will make it last a long time. Sadly, the brush is sold separately which is the reason for many users’ complaints. The eyebrow styling soap ensures a fluffy, expressive look just like after lamination. Go ahead and use a coloured product for special occasions in order to accentuate your arches. Then, you can treat the soap as a base only. The metal tin is recyclable.


eyebrow soap reviews

A brow styling soap that offers the desired definition and accentuates the beautiful colour of your eyes in a flash. The set contains two practical brushes that facilitate everyday styling. Its transparent formula works great for every woman who wants to improve her appearance. The convenient tin is recyclable which is fantastic news for the fans of the less waste philosophy. The soap emphasizes natural eyebrow shape, lifts and ‘opens’ the eye, smoothing and sculpting eyebrows so they’re more prone to styling. This unique product creates the exact makeup look you want. It requires using water or a mist.


brow product

A colourless brow soap that ensures quick and long-wear styling for the day. This unique bar of soap defines and sets eyebrows so you’re able to create gorgeous soap brows. It guarantees the lifted and thicker eyebrows you’ve always dreamt of. It adds expression, makes them appear thicker and disciplines every single hair so your makeup looks clean and elegant. You’re guaranteed a laminated brow effect – lifted eyebrows that are properly moisturized. This transparent brow soap is contained in a compact little box with a built-in mirror and a handy brush. The use of water is necessary.

Soap brows – eyebrows straight from Hollywood!

Soap brows is a brow styling technique that tames and evens hair, delivering a laminated brow effect. This old method originates in Hollywood and is becoming stylish again. Soap brows never go out of style – the effect of thicker, dense and spectacularly brushed-up eyebrows suits every woman! Many professional makeup artists use brow soaps to ensure personalized looks.

A brow soap is usually contained in a small, metal tin. The soaps we compiled have compositions of the highest quality, don’t look flaky during the day and are refined and convenient. Some require using water while others – don’t. Choose a product that suits your needs the most and start styling your eyebrow arches like a true pro! Brow soaps stick hairs to the skin so they appear bigger and maximally voluminous. Perfectly-styled and fixed eyebrows present a beautiful look for many hours to come!