Everything You Need To Know About Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender is a pink egg-shaped sponge that was originally used to apply a foundation in the liquid, mousse and cream form. Today it is used for the application of other cosmetics such as bronzer, blushes, BB and CC creams and even eyeshadows. If you want to know where the Beauty Blender came from and how to use and clean it, read this article. In addition, you will learn about the properties and benefits of a using a Beauty Blender.

Where did the Beauty Blender come from?

Beauty Blender was created in 2002 by the Hollywood makeup artist Reza Ann Silva. Since then, it has been used by makeup artists, celebrities and ordinary women all over the world.

Beauty Blender properties

Beauty blender is a sponge in the shape of a pointed egg, the shape of which facilitates the precise application of a makeup product. It is made of foam material with an open cell structure. Thanks to it, the cosmetic product is not absorbed into the sponge but adheres to it.

Beauty Blender – how to use it?

Before applying any product onto your face, first, moist the beauty blender with water and wait a few seconds until it absorbs it. Make sure it’s thoroughly saturated and gently squeeze the sponge to get rid of excess water. Then, pour the cosmetic onto the back of your hand, dab the sponge into the product. Next, bounce it to gently stipple or press the makeup into the skin for a flawless finish (keep doing it until all of the makeup is evenly blended). For the best results, don’t apply the makeup directly to the Beauty Blender.

How to wash Beauty Blender?

It is best to wash your Beauty Blender after each use to avoid diseases with a bacterial base. It is good to wash it not only for hygienic reasons but also for the sake of its durability – the applicator intended for applying the makeup will serve longer if it is regularly cleaned. To do this, prepare a bowl of water and fill it with the liquid for cleaning the makeup accessories. Drench the sponge for about 20 minutes, then drain it and repeat the action using clean water.

The advantages of Beauty Blender

The use of Beauty Blender brings many advantages. First of all, Beauty Blender allows you to do the perfect makeup without streaks, smudges and discolouration. In addition, the makeup that was applied with the sponge, lasts for many hours. It is worth mentioning that the Beauty Blender can be used to apply not only a foundation but also other makeup products. What’s more, the Beauty Blender has the advantage over makeup brushes because it does not absorb so much product. What does it mean? Savings. Thanks to the Beauty Blender, we do not have to spend money on makeup products so often.

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