Tattoo aftercare – The instructions, contradictions and tips

The tattoo gets all sorts of attitudes from people. Some consider it an art and it symbolizes various important moments from their life. Others claim to associate it with prison life and think of it as a blemish on the human body. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter how different people see tattoos. What matters is to take good care of a tattoo.

What is a tattoo?

A tattoo is a form of drawing created by injecting the pigment of the chosen color into the skin. The procedure is performed with the use of special equipment and depending on the body part, it can hurt more or less. However, the way you care for the new tat is what you should have in mind. Why? Because a tattoo is a wound that often becomes a bacteria medium. The proper care shortens the tattoo healing time. Moreover, you will provide freshly injected pigment with long-lasting and expressive effect.

How to take care of a tattoo?

The first person to take care of your new ink will be the tattoo artist. Right after injecting the pigment, he will disinfect the skin and protect it with a plastic foil. Once you get home, you have to apply to those rules:

  1. After around 3 hours, take off the foil and wash the tattoo with warm water and grey soap.
  2. Dry the tattoo area with a paper towel with gentle pressing motion, no rubbing.
  3. Once the skin is dry, apply a moisturizing cream.

Those are rules you have to stick to for the next 2 weeks. Wash the skin and apply cream three times a day. The tattoo needs to be constantly moisturized in order to avoid inflammations and to preserve a deep color.

Why is the plastic foil used?

The foil is used to protect the tattoo against bacteria and skin brushing against the clothes or sheets. It is worn for two days from the moment of getting the tattoo. After this time allow the skin to breathe so it could heal faster. Remember to make sure that cream-treated skin has no dirt stick to it. You can use foil to cover the tattoo when you leave the house.

Which cosmetics should you use to take care of the tattoo?

You will certainly need pharmaceutical products that are known to soothe and deeply moisturize skin. Choose products that additionally:

  • support wound’s healing process;
  • stimulate tissue regeneration;
  • have ability to retain water in the epidermis;
  • regenerate skin;
  • strengthen the natural protective barriers.

The tattoo – rules

  1. Do not treat fresh tattoo with alcohol cause it will dry skin.
  2. Do not remove the scab as you may damage the tattoo.
  3. For the care use only new cosmetics.
  4. For a month after getting a tattoo do not go to a swimming pool, sauna or a tanning salon.
  5. Take short showers and avoid the use of scrub in the tattoo area.
  6. Use creams with high SPF factor.

The contradictions to getting the tattoo

You cannot get a tattoo if you are on your period, take painkillers, use retinoids, the tattoo artist doesn’t use disposable needles, you are allergic to any of pigment ingredients, you have diabetes or you are not handling pain very well.

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