Cluster Lashes From Nanolash – DIY Lash Extensions – Discover The New Sensation!

Eyelashes, although they are made of delicate hairs, can bring out the power of every woman’s gaze. However, generally, they are thin and fine. For this reason, women eagerly experiment with various cosmetics. An absolute game-changer has recently appeared on the beauty market – they are cluster lashes for DIY application at home from Nanolash! Is this a solution to all eyelash problems?

Why are eyelashes getting weak and falling out?

Many women around the world are constantly experiencing problems with their eyelashes. Unfortunately, many factors can influence their condition. And not all of them depend on your lash care.

The condition of eyelashes can be affected by a wrong diet and biotin deficiencies. Of course, aggressive and frequent beauty treatments are also to blame here. Semi-permanent lash extensions, over many years, lead to common defects in the lash line. It turns out that even improper makeup removal and the application of several coats of mascara can significantly weaken the lashes.

Genetic and geographical factors are also worth pointing out here. Not all women were blessed by Mother Nature with long and thick eyelashes with defined curl. In our latitude, on the other hand, the lashes are lighter by nature, which of course affects their definition or lack thereof.

However, the Nanolash brand has found the perfect solution. DIY Lash Extensions do not overburden the lashes – these lash clusters are applied underneath the natural lashes, about 1 mm away from the lash line, and the application can be easily done at home

How do the cluster lashes – DIY Lash Extensions from Nanolash work?

DIY Lash Extensions feature a simple application in only 10 minutes! In addition, it can last for 5 days. No woman should experience any problems with applying these cluster lashes.

These cluster lashes for DIY application at home come in two versions. The first is a standalone box. It contains 36 ready-made cluster lashes. The case contains clusters in 3 lengths (10, 12, and 14 mm) and in 8 styles to choose from.

The second option is a complete lash extension kit from Nanolash. It works great for ladies who do not own all the necessary accessories.

The lash extensions kit for home use contains:

  • Nanolash bonder – a 5 ml lash glue that also unifies eyelash color;
  • Nanolash remover – this (5 ml) solution helps remove the cluster lashes, without harming natural ones;
  • Nanolash sealer – designed to remove the sticky layer from the lashes (5 ml);
  • eyelash applicator – made of stainless steel.

DIY Lash Extensions are made of lightweight material, and wearing these cluster lashes is barely noticeable.

how long do cluster lashes last

How to apply Nanolash cluster lashes at home?

Eyelash extensions at home with Nanolash lash clusters should take about 10 minutes. You should remove your makeup properly first and then:

  • apply a thin layer of the bonder and wait 30-60 seconds for it to become fully tacky;
  • apply the cluster about 1 mm from the lash line;
  • finish the application with the sealer.

DIY Eyelash Extensions are designed to ensure every woman can handle their application.

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A beauty game-changer – DIY Lash Extensions summary

DIY Lash Extensions definitely stand out from the competition. These cluster lashes for DIY application come in various lengths and styles. This allows ladies to opt for both a subtle lash look for everyday wear or Russian Volume if they feel like it.

The lightweight eyelash clusters come on a flexible black strip. This makes them easy to apply and cleverly masks the connecting line. The application itself takes 10 minutes and features durability of up to 5 days.

The DIY Eyelash Extensions do not overburden the natural lashes. They allow you to create a temporary lash look you can change anytime. These cluster lashes are the perfect choice for weddings and a big night out, but also for a spontaneous walk.

The manufacturer has made sure that their use is simple, safe, and pleasant. Thanks to the false eyelashes for at-home application from Nanolash, you no longer have to worry about the state of your natural lashes. In 10 minutes you can fix up any imperfections!

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