IPL vs Laser Hair Removal

The society puts a lot of pressure on women to look great and to have silky smooth skin. We can observe ladies queuing to beauty salons to have their hair removed. Standard razor method does not give the desired effect as hair grow back stronger, thicker and quicker. Nowadays, more and more women seek for permanent hair removing method.

What is more effective: laser or IPL?

The smooth skin trend is not new. Even Cleopatra was shaving her legs and arms with the use of sharp knife.
This old technique has developed to disposable razors. Another popular methods are vaxing, using the electric epilator or hair bleaching. Each of this method has pluses and minuses. Since recently, the laser and the IPL are both, the most popular and the most effective way of removing redundant hair.

Intense Pulsed Light and laser can permanently remove unwanted hair with the guarantee that they will unlikely grow back. IPL is well known for bleaching sun spots and age skin discolouration. Since recently, the pulsing light is also used hair removal. IPL emits multiple wavelengths ranging from 500 to 1,200 nanometres. The light targets the pigments just like the sunrays affects dark spots more than light ones. The pigment in the hair and hair follicle -melatonin absorbs the heat which is immediately turned into heat. High temperature in the hair structure kills hair bulbs and gradually unable them to produce healthy hair.

Laser however only emit a specific wavelength to hit the lash follicles. This method is proved to be more effective than IPL as the laser can be set to target certain pigmentation. It is way less painful and the recovery time is usually a few hours. After both hair removal treatments, the skin can be temporarily irritated and red. Both side effects fade with time and before the next day, the patient does not experience with any discomfort.
The IPL and laser method cannot be used if you have any metallic implants in your body. Additionally those who suffer from cancer, auto-immune diseases, skin infection are discouraged to undergo any of those treatments. Pregnant and breastfeeding women also cannot have their hair removed with any of these treatment. Laser method is not going to be successful if your skin is tanned or if your hair is very light. Laser hair removal works best on dark haired people with light skin.

How to prepare to laser hair removal treatment?

Do not sunbathe a month before the session. Avoid any sun exposure. Do not use the tanning beds or fake tan beauty products. Use creams with high SPF and avoid spending time outdoors. Any scrubs and creams containing retinol are forbidden. Make sure that your skin is well hydrated by applying moisturizing body lotion and by drinking plenty of clean water.
After the treatment, keep your skin covered from the Sun. Avoid physical activities , steam room, sauna and do not put the makeup on ( if you had hair removed from the face area).
Photoepilation can be used on any part of the body.

The treatment has to be repeated up to 10 times so that the results are permanent.

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