No more hair dyeing. How to bring back your natural hair colour using home methods?

If the colour you have applied to your hair a few months ago doesn’t look good any longer, there’s an easy way to deal with it. Owning to a few home methods, you can restore your natural colour of hair easily. The good news is that you can accomplish this task without exposing your hair and scalp to damages. How to do this?

Get your lightened up hair dark

If you’re planning to colour bleached hair dark, it would be better to give yourself over the hands of an expert. Why is it advised against carrying out this procedure on your own? Lightened up strands are damaged, dry and weakened. Moreover, such hair is deprived of pigments, and while dyeing, strands are supplied with new colourants. So as to prevent a new colour from vanishing and help it stay true for longer, you must undergo a few sessions of hair colouring. Basically, it’s also recommended to use dark shades to dye the hair and combine it with a few similar shades that are similar to you natural hair colour.

From bronze to blonde?

Indeed, it’s possible but… bleaching dark hair isn’t a good idea, especially when you want to make your strands really light. A way better solution is gradual colouring, doing it step by step until you manage to obtain the natural effect. The best method is applying reflexes of two or three tones lighter than you current hair colour.

Let your hair grow long

This is probably the best way to restore the natural colour to your strands. However, growing your hair back has its pros and cons. This is related, for example, to the high visibility of roots, and later – coloured hair ends. The positive aspect of this solution is undoubtedly the fact that you will grow back healthy and strong strands that aren’t be damaged by the dyes and chemicals included in their composition.

What about lowlights?

Lowlights is another good way to return to natural hair colour. Sombre or ombre work just as well. Thanks to such solutions you won’t only get a trendy hairstyle but also your hair will imitate the strands naturally brightened by the sun. Lowlights looks best when colouring bronze hair blonde. A hairdresser can apply the dye without following any pattern in particular by grading the intensity or by specifying the length of the strands. Effect? A natural look and balance between darker and lighter shades.

Home methods for making hair lightened up

  1. Olive oil. This is the most delicate way of returning to your natural hair colour. Thanks to the fat, the pigments are ‘pulled out’ form the strands. Moreover, hair becomes soft, shiny, smooth and nourished. The oil has to be left on hair for a few hours and washed with a shampoo afterwards.
  2. Baking soda. It has whitening features, therefore it can be used for lightening hair up as well. Mix a pack of baking soda with warm water and then apply it to the hair. Leave the mixture on hair for 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.
  3. Lemon juice. Mix 4 spoons of lemon juice with 400 ml of water, massage it into hair and run a wide tooth through the strands. Wash the hair after 20 minutes. Mind you, lemon juice can leave your hair dehydrated, therefore apply a conditioner or moisturising mask right after the treatment.

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