The Most Common Make-up Don’ts

Clumped lashes or smudged eye shadows are the problems not only make-up newbies have. Even when you wear make-up for several years those kind of mistakes do happen.

Although we have a wide choice of mascaras, it is very difficult to pick the one right for us. The same with foundations. The perfect mascara should stay in place for long, separate lashes well without smudging or flaking off.

When you ask any man what kind of make-up does he like most, he is more than likely to say that the natural looking woman looks the best. How to do the make-up that is so discrete and which can bring our strong points out?

The most important make-up don’ts rules

The most common mistake we do concerns our foundation shade. It is very important that your face and the rest of the body is matching. Your face is the area often hit by the sun thus it may be a shade or two darker that your arms or shoulders. To pick the right shade always apply the foundation on your neck and try to match the colour that matches your skin. Do not test the cosmetic on your hand or on your face as your tan may not give you the true picture.

If the Mother Nature decided that humans should have brows do not pluck them all. Too thin or too thick brows will look unnatural. Follow your brow shape and just fill in sparse areas. Many women tend to overarch their brows hoping that this trick can make their eyes appear bigger and brighter. To achieve this effect it is enough to draw the outer ends of the brows slightly upwards without changing the entire bowline shape.

Applying too much of an eye shadow or in too vibrant colour on your eyes is the another make up don’t. Modernity is the key to the perfect make-up so unless you are going to the drag show try to avoid too much eyes shadow.

Be careful when lining your eyes, as there is nothing worse than sloppy eyeliner. The way you use the eyeliner can dramatically change the shape of your eyes.

Avoid contouring with too dark colours. Blend all harsh lines so your make-up looks natural, not cartoonish.
Overappling make-up blush is a great idea if you are opting for a porcelain doll transformation, otherwise just gently swipe the apples of your cheeks for a natural glow.

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