Foundation and oily skin? This could work! Try out the tricks and your makeup will be flawless

Oily skin is shiny in the T zone and gives off a lot of sebum, which makes applying and wearing makeup difficult. However, there is a simple way that your foundation will stay on your skin for a long time and you will look great. All you have to do is to discover and apply these tricks.

Moisturizing the complexion

Contrary to appearances, moisturizing oily skin is very important. Thanks to this, we rebuild the natural hydro-lipid barrier, regulate the activity of sebaceous glands, limit the face glow in the T zone and contribute to the fact that the skin does not secret as much sebum as before. The best moisturizing cosmetic will be the one with the content of a UV filter and zinc oxide or titanium oxide. The last two components have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which is very important for oily skin.

Additional cosmetics

The durability of the foundation will be ensured by other makeup cosmetics. We are talking about a primer and a concealer. Mattifying and silicone primers will work best. Thanks to them, the foundation will not rub off the face, its shade will not change, it will not gather in the hollows of the skin. The concealer should have the form of a stick. You should tap it with your fingertip in those places on the face, which are covered with imperfections. Oil-based concealers are not recommended for oily skin.

How to choose the perfect foundation?

For oily skin, the best option is to go for foundations with silicone, which provide a matte and long-lasting effect. Such products contain silicone and other substances absorbing excess sebum and evening out the skin surface. Mineral foundations will be beneficial as well. When selecting such cosmetics, you should pay attention to the content of the UV filter, whether the composition is natural and suitable for oily skin. How to apply the foundation to minimize skin oiliness? Use a brush to apply the cosmetic, not sponges. The bristles will cover all imperfections such as enlarged pores, acne and all kinds of breakouts. Remember to clean brushes once a week – bacteria that can affect skin condition can accumulate on them.

Fixing the make-up

Choose transparent loose or pressed powder. If you use such a cosmetic, the shade of the foundation will not change. Apply the powder in a larger amount to the middle part of the face to hide the skin shine. For even better results, use a fixing spray that will create a protective layer on the face. During the day, use blotting papers that collect excess sebum, sweat and impurities.

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