Cosmetic properties of rose water

Rose water is a residue left after distillation process of rose petals with steam. At the same time, it is a by-product of rose oil production. Damask rose is used most often whilst Provence rose and the French are less popular. Rose water is famous for its moisturising properties and its wide use. In some countries, it is not only used for face cleansing and hair washing but also for food preparation and consumption. What cosmetic properties and use rose water has to offer? Let’s find out. 

Rose water – composition, properties and effects 

Rose water is a hydrolate – a type of water obtained from flowers. The same as every other hydrolate, its pH is close to the skin’s natural one. Moreover, it abounds in bioflavonoids (substances responsible for providing colour to the plants) to which it owes its antioxidant properties. The latter prevent harmful effects of free radicals.

Due to the content of beta-carotene, rose water provides antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. What’s more, thanks to the content of B vitamins, it prevents skin keratinization. The soothing effects of rose water make it a useful means to fight acne.

Vitamins C and E take care of proper skin hydration and inhibit the formation of wrinkles. Additionally, vitamin C strengthens blood vessels.

Moreover, rose water contains volatile ethereal oils to which it owes its scent. The latter provides aromatherapeutic properties and improves the mood.

Rose water – use in comsetics

Rose water has found its purpose in the production of body and hair care cosmetics.

It can be used in toners for all skin types because it’s very gentle and delicate and yet, it moisturises the skin effectively. Rose water improves skin’s firmness and elasticity and thus it is a popular ingredient of many anti-wrinkle cosmetics. Such effects are the outcome of the vitamin C and beta-carotene content, which stimulate the production of collagen.

Furthermore, rose water can be used to spray the face even several times a day. As a result, the complexion will be more radiant and refreshed.

Rose water is also willingly used in the production of hair care cosmetics including natural hairsprays because it doesn’t only nourish the scalp but it also strengthens the hair bulbs and as a consequence – prevents hair loss.

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