Egg-based hair care – best egg hair masks that will make your hair healthy and beautiful!

Nowadays, we are more willingly going back to the old-fashioned, slightly forgotten, methods of hair care. As it turns out, even eggs can be used an ingredient of a homemade hair mask! It will help increase volume, get rid of dandruff and make the hair soft and bouncy.

Many of us still don’t appreciate how valuable nutrients are hidden in the products we use in the kitchen on a daily basis – for instance, honey, olive oil, oats. One of the products with the most interesting properties are eggs! Since the beginning of the 20th century, it has been used as a natural hair conditioner valued by women all over the world.

Egg instead of a cosmetic 

Is it worth replacing professional hair care cosmetics with ordinary eggs? If you don’t need a huge revolution in your beauty routine, all you need to do is to include an egg-based hair mask as an additional support. It will be beneficial to apply an egg mixture to your hair once in a while instead of a regular hair mask. Thanks to the gradual introduction of egg into the care, we can test out how this ingredient works on our hair and whether it brings positive effects or not.

The properties of eggs 

Eggs are a source of lecithin, protein and good cholesterol, meaning – ingredients valuable not only for the hair. The egg contains a lot of sulfur and other minerals that nourish the hair and scalp, including selenium, iron, iodine. It is also a great emulsifier, which is a component that binds all the ingredients and gives the mask a homogeneous, smooth consistency. In addition, an egg used in the care provides many vitamins (B5, B12, A, D and E), as well as folic acid and choline.

Both parts of the egg can be used in an at-home hair care: either separately or together. An egg can be the base for homemade cosmetics, or it can be applied to solo to the hair, but also used as an additive, eg for shampoo.

How does the egg influence the hair?

  • Nourishes the scalp and hair roots.
  • Strengthens the strands, preventing them from falling out and breaking.
  • Lifts the hair at the base and adds volume.
  • Improves hydration, smoothes and makes the hair more flexible.
  • Relieves the symptoms of dandruff.
  • Restores the natural glow to your hair.

Natural hair conditioner – what hair type will benefit from it the most?

Of course, eggs are not recommended for every single type of hair. It will work much more effectively on damaged hair (also referred to as high porosity hair). Why? Because it’s the major source of proteins which are missing when the hair is weak, brittle and damaged.

Blended egg yolk and the egg white together can be applied to normal hair type as well. However, the egg yolk on its own will work better for dry strands, whilst the egg white will be more suitable for greasy hair. What’s more, the egg white can be used on its own way more often than the yolk.


If you want to see for yourself how the egg works on your hair, first, learn a few simple recipes for egg hair masks. It’s a better solution than using the egg itself because it works better when combined with other ingredients.

A simple egg mask for dry hair

Whip the egg white until it is stiff and then add an egg yolk and a tablespoon of olive oil. Stir until the ingredients form a homogeneous mass. Apply to hair and leave in for 20-30 minutes. Wash the hair as usual.

Egg mask for frizzy hair

Smach two large strawberries with a fork. Add 100 ml of natural yogurt, a tablespoon of honey and one egg white. Mix the ingredients together and put on your hair for about an hour. Then, wash your hair.

A three-component egg mask

Mix egg with yolk, add a tablespoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of honey. Apply the mixture to the scalp and gently rub. Leave in for half an hour and then wash.

Egg-lemon hair mask

Squeeze the juice from half a lemon: about 2 tablespoons. Mix it thoroughly with one or two eggs. Massage into the hair and cover with a cap for 30 minutes. Next, wash the hair as usual.


You can increase or decrease the proportions of ingredients to prepare as many masks as you need to cover whole hair and rub into the scalp. Make sure to match the amount to the length of your hair. Typically, one egg is enough to cover short hair. For medium length, it is worth using two, while for very long hair even three and more.

Can an egg be replaced with mayonnaise?

The question may seem ridiculous, but it actually is logical. After all, the mayonnaise is made of eggs and oil. Recently, the use of this ingredient in hair care has become very popular. However, it is worth remembering that mayonnaise for hair will work best when made by yourself. The one bought in the store may have too many preservatives, acidity regulators and flavour enhancers that are not necessarily needed for the hair. If we want to test out how the mayonnaise works on hair, just do it yourself.

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