Natural Swiss Cosmetics by Weleda

Switzerland brings all the positive connotations to mind: Swiss bank – secure, Swiss watch – reliable, Swiss chocolate – high-quality. What about Swiss cosmetics? Equally amazing. One of the arguments backing this theory is the Weleda – Swiss brand of natural cosmetics. How does cosmetics by Weleda work and which one you should try first? How do these natural Swiss cosmetic smell like?

How do Weleda cosmetics work like?

Weleda exists since 1921. From that moment on, its philosophy includes high standards, high-quality ingredients, and a holistic approach towards the human body. Throughout the years, Weleda wasn’t absorbed by any big concern so it had the luxury of remaining the same honest brand.

Apart from cosmetics, it also offers dietary products and anthroposophic medicine. Anthroposophy is a philosophy that uses laws of science for a better understanding of spirituality. It finds use in many fields, such as education, art and medicine and correlates with the holistic view of the human. What does it mean for the Weleda? The brand treats people and nature as a whole where all components are connected by the network of relations between everyday human activity and nature.

Cosmetics by Weleda

At this point, we have discussed what are Weleda cosmetics in general and now we will look closer at those most popular. Cosmetics worth the attention are:

  • Skin Food cream – natural moisturizing cosmetic recommended for dry and parched body skin;
  • Sea salt toothpaste – fluorine-free product enhanced with sea salt and mineral cleansing particles. Sea salt stimulates saliva secretion and enhances a cleansing action of the other ingredients;
  • Sweet almond oil for makeup removal;
  • Almond face cream – recommended for dry and sensitive skin, that is why it holds nourishing properties, soothes and is fragrance-free;
  • Roll-on deodorant – citrus deodorant free from salt and aluminum. It provides freshness for 24h;
  • Massage oil with arnica – allows warming massage, helps muscles post-workout and other activities;
  • Marigold cream – in fact, it is recommended for the babyface but can be used also by the adults for face, hands, elbows, and feet. It moisturizes and softens skin while protecting it against harmful external factors.

How do cosmetics by Weleda smell like?

Weleda cosmetics have a characteristic scent, natural and herbal. There are no artificial fragrances or preservatives. You can go ahead and say that it is how health smells like.

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