Argan oil – better than a conditioner?

Being constantly in a rush, oxidative stress and toxins from the environment make the hair lose vitality. They are becoming weak and dull which leads to an excessive fall out. That is when women start using new and various conditioners hoping to finally come across the one that will finally regenerate the hair and restore its good condition from ‘before the crisis’ period.

Unfortunately, a hair conditioner is not enough to provide the hair with regeneration and reinforcement. The product will not fully protect your strands because it is simply not powerful enough. To provide your hair with maximum protection, it is best to reach for ultra-strong an undoubtedly effective product. The best in this range is the one and only Argan oil. Considering its action and effectiveness, it outclasses every hair conditioner, because it reaches deeper into the hair structure, and its action is not only superficial – as in the case of conditioners.

Argan oil works on three levels:

  • on the hair surface – it creates a protective coating that shields the hair from any impurities that would normally penetrate deeper parts of the strands. It also rebuilds the water-lipid layer and prevents moisture loss.
  • inside the hair – it restores its inner structures by strengthening its sulphide bonds. Argan oil transports a range of vitamins and phytosterols (these have the ability to stimulate collagen synthesis, strengthening the cellular membranes of the body)to its inner parts.
  • inside the hair bulbs – Argan oil should be applied mainly to the scalp as it has the ability to penetrate follicles and reinforce them from within. This way, the strands grow faster and become stronger and healthier.

Argan oil in hair care is therefore triply effective and outclasses every laboratory-created conditioner full of silicones, parabens and a range of other comedogenic and harmful substances. This makes the cold-pressed and 100% natural Argan oil irreplaceable in the field of hair care.

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