WOB- Beyoncé Inspired Wavy Bob

Forget about long hair; the celebs’ favourite new cut is wavy bob. This hairdo has become hugely popular from the point when Beyoncé cut her hair arm’s length and curled it. She presented this look in her ‘Drunk in Love’clip where she was accompanied by her husband, Jay-Z. Since then, girls went mad about this look. It was a matter of time, when the messy bob entered the red carpet.

It seemed that the Victoria Beckham’s bob was gone forever, well it is back but in slightly different form. This hairstyle is not high-maintenance and if your hair is layered properly, you can do it in 5 min. If you are lucky to have wavy hair already, you may just style them with the mousse and you are ready to go! If your hair is straight you will need a help of a curling or flat iron. Do not worry- it is so simple that you can do it yourself. Here is a simple tutorial of how to master your messy bob.

Vob Tutorial

To create messy, short bob you will need a comb and a curling iron that is about 1 inch in dimension. Separate your hair into average size sections and start curling each section back from your face in vertical partings. Continue the process around your head until all your hair is curled. Once you have all of the curls you want to separate them and create the wave effect by adding a little bit of grooming cream. Spread the cream on your hands and gently separate the curls massaging hair with the product on the same time. After you have gone through and separate all the curls with finger styling, add a little bit of the hairspray. At this stage, you can crunch the curls to give them a little bit volume.

Weather you decide on this hairstyle is up to you, remember that once you cut your hair, you will have to wait for months for it to grow back. On the other hand, you should have no problem with tightening your hair up when jogging or swimming.

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