Nouveau Lashes – lash extensions!

Have many times you wished your lashes to be permanently long, bold so you don’t have to apply the mascara each day. There two solutions to this issue; you can either invest in a good lash serum such as Nanolash or to have your lash extensions done. Spending money on lash extensions in your favourite saloon costs your too much? If you love beauty industry and you would like to make some money at the same time you can take 3 day lash extensions course offered by the Nouveau Lashes Company.

The Nouveau Lashes is the leading false lash provider in the UK and the award winner of the 2014 Guild Awards for Best Lash Supplier. The training in this well-known company will guarantee that the customers will line up for the treatment.

Lash Extension is the art that requires both practice and confidence. You can become a lash extension professional with the help of The Nouveau Lashes. Within three days, you will learn how to do the extensions with the use of the Nouveau lashes and once you complete the course you can start making money offering your services to others. The individual Nouveau professional can earn £85k per year and it is based on doing only five sets of Nouveau Lashes per day.

For the first two days, you get familiar with basic techniques of how to create the set of dense lases while being individually guided by Nouveau trainers. On the third day, you will be required to perform at least six case studies which will give you practice. It is also the time for your trainer the opportunity to review and guide your manual skills. When you complete the third day, you are ready for the graduation. Once you successfully pass the assessment, you will receive the Nouveau Lashes Graduate Certificate and join the team being added to the Nouveau online professional finder. The whole training is not expensive as it costs only £350. When enrolling for the course you can choose one of many locations in Britain, Welsh and Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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