How to delay skin aging processes? The causes of wrinkles

Skin starts aging after reaching 25 years of age, and after turning 30 this process speeds up. What are the causes of wrinkle appearance and how to slow down skin aging process? How to choose a good anti-age cosmetic? How do botox stimulate cream or laser work? Does effective anti-age diet exist?

The causes of wrinkle appearance

Improper anti-age skin care

Fine lines seem to appear out of nowhere and at any age. The pace of aging is influenced mostly by genes and the way we take care of our skin. Skin that is firm has thick and elastic epidermis as well as thin and smooth corneum. It’s well-moisturized which makes the skin supple as its reaction to pressure are right. On the other hand, flabby skin is characterized by significantly thinner epidermis which cells need more time to regenerate. Its complexion turns dull and it starts getting dehydrated, capillaries break.

UV radiation and wrinkles

The influence of UV radiation on the skin is irreversible. It’s due to the sun rays that some teenagers look older than their well-groomed mum. Ultraviolet radiation encourages free radicals that damage lipids in epidermis and disturb collagen and elastin fibers.

How to delay skin aging processes?

Anti-age beauty products

In order to slow down signs of skin aging and restore suppleness, you have to be prepared for a long fight. As your weapon you should consider special balms, milks and lifting serums as well as medicinal cosmetics. Some of them contain coenzyme Q10, which is a vitamin extending lifespan of cells. Moreover, together with vitamin E, it boosts immune system and neutralizes free radicals.

Other anti-age cosmetics base their action on selenium and vitamin F because both the substances applied together are exceptionally effective at counteracting cell aging. A rich source of selenium is seafood, wheat germ, corn, tomatoes and yeast. When it comes to vitamin F, you can find it in vegetable oils, nuts and wheat seeds.

Recently, the cosmetic market has been making use of cytokinin – a natural plant hormone responsible for cell division process. Being added to face creams, cytokinin is able to slow down the adverse changes in skin’s appearance that are accompanied with aging and prevent some of the very changes. Moreover, it facilitates removal of skin damages caused by excessive sun exposition (sunbathing). Furthermore, contrary to retinol or AHA acids cytokinin doesn’t cause irritations therefore it’s suitable even for sensitive skin.

Botox stimulate cream or laser

Such preparation is a non-invasive alternative to facial rejuvenation surgeries. Of course, the effects they bring out aren’t that spectacular but they reduce skin tension and relax it. The similar case is with face oval correction. To clarify, at a plastic surgeon’s this procedure depends on physical face lift by making incisions and pulling the skin towards hairline, whereas the application of cream sharing similar properties limits itself to strong skin tightening. Despite of that, many women are satisfied with the effects.

Anti-age diet

Austrians recommend program called Life in Four Elements that depends on following a  healthy diet, surrounding oneself with beautiful things, physical activity and mental recovery. To clarify, anti-age diet is rich in natural antioxidants which are vegetables (celery, garlic, pepper, carrot and brussels sprout), red wine, vitamins A, E, C and selenium.

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