Orthodontics – The Key to Beautiful Smile

What should you do about orthodontics? The connotations many people have towards this medical term may be far from positive. It is often associated with pain and dental chair. What is the truth then?

Orthodontics also called dentofacial orthopedicsis, is the dentistry branch which deals with the orthodontia only. Orthodontist is not trained to do fillings, crowns, and other practices reserved for the dentist. Orthodontists can only treat the malocclusions (dental displacements). Thanks to many innovative methods, the experienced professional can strengthen one’s teeth without pain and suffering. There is no age limit to teeth straightening; however, kids and teenagers’ teeth can be cured much faster and with greater results. Before undergoing any kind of orthodontics treatment, teeth should be healthy, strong, and free from any cavities and plague.

If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look like, you can make an appointment for a consultation visit that is usually free of charge. You will then find out about different methods and the cost of the treatment. The most popular way of straightening teeth is the metallic, wire-braces. They are highly effective but many people think that they do not look aesthetically.

The alternative to standard braces is Invisalign. In this method, the client wears special, invisible aligners on teeth. It is almost impossible to notice that the person is wearing anything. The great advantage of Invisalign is the fact that it is removable. It is recommended to take it off when eating or cleaning. To get the best results, the aligners should be worn for as long as possible, during night and day.

After two or three weeks, the patient will get a new set of aligners that will position one’s teeth is slightly different position than the previous set. The aligners are made of medical grade plastic, safe for the health and scratch resistant.
Regardless of the teeth displacement, the standard treatment does last at least one year. After that time, the orthodontists may decide to carry on the treatment with the help of removable braces to be worn during sleep.

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