Do you take a bath often? Don’t make these mistakes

You associate taking a bath with something pleasant, relaxing and skin-friendly, don’t you? However, many women unconsciously keep making mistakes when it comes to body care and its cleansing. What are these mistakes? Go on reading to find out whether your bathing routine is flawless.

Wrapping wet hair with a towel

Wet hair is more prone to damages and stretching. Wrapping it with towel exposes the strands to even more damages. Additionally, scalp and hair covered with a towel (and during hot bath) may sweat, which negatively affects their condition. For that reason, it’s definitely better to remove the excess of water from hair by treating it with either a cotton or paper towel.

Keeping a shower head dirty

Shower head, just like the entire shower stall, attracts bacteria and scale coming from hard water. These impurities may lead to skin and hair damages. Therefore, it’s important to clean shower head along with the entire shower stall with special preparations once a week.

Leaving a razor in shower stall

Razors shouldn’t be left in places where humidity is high. The blades collect bacteria and cosmetic residues that may negatively influence skin while shaving. In the worst case scenario they can lead to infections of skin and follicles.

The shower time and water temperature

Too long shower time and high water temperature don’t affect skin and the whole organism positively. If it takes more than 15 minutes, it may cause sleepiness (body is getting relaxed then) which isn’t recommended in the morning when the shower is supposed to refresh our body and invigorate us. Moreover, hot water isn’t also beneficial since it contributes to dehydrated skin problem. The best solution would be taking hot and cold shower by turns – then you will boost blood flow.

Lathering shower products

The fact that a cosmetic lathers well doesn’t mean that it cleanses your skin equally effectively. The lather indicates that the product contains not-so-save substances which might leave skin dry, cause irritations and damage natural protective barrier of skin. Therefore, while buying shower products, do your best to find the ones which composition is natural instead of reaching for the shower products which smell nice and lather much.

Too rare sponge replacement

Sponge attracts huge quantity of bacteria that causes serious skin diseases such as staphylococcus, to show one example. Therefore, if you want to stay away from such bad surprises, either resign from using a sponge or take care of it properly. In short, sponge can’t be left in a humid room, it must be cleaned and dried.

Drying up your body with a rough towel

A towel you use to dry up your body with after taking a bath shouldn’t be rough. Fibres that are rough and made of artificial fabrics may irritate skin. Therefore, choose cotton towels and remember to wash them in high temperature with fabric softener.

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