Homemade methods for captivating eyelashes

Self-confidence can be gained through various ways. One of them is, obviously, enhancing your looks. Whenever we know we look good, we also feel good. The secret of a stunning look it to emphasize it with beautiful eyelashes. How to obtain such effects without the use of mascara?

Try to imagine yourself, your friend of a family member without eyelashes. Weird, huh? The attractiveness of our look depends on the eyelashes and their condition. If they are long, thick and dark, they attract the attention. How to give them the desired volume? The first thing that comes to mind in such case is to reach for a mascara. A high-quality product can make the best of even thin, sparse and bright lashes. However, some of us might not have enough time to apply it every morning. Thus, a daily treatment will be a good alternative. In return, the eyelashes will be healthy and beautiful. Discover the best homemade methods for stunning lashes.

A touch of delicacy

Eyelashes are the most fragile hair on our body. Rubbing your eyes, for instance, during a make-up removal, or using excessive amounts of cosmetics and lead to eyelash weakening. What does it mean? It is a very crucial information for us. In order to maintain proper condition, they must be treated gently. You must put an end to rubbing, wiping, scratching or even excess layers of mascara. Before we start any treatment, it is best to eliminate harmful factors first.

Nourishment – a solid ground 

Lashes require a range of nutrients that will strengthen the bulbs, improve growth, inhibit fall out and add shine and softness. This is why some women like to use homemade methods, such as applying vaseline or eyelid massage. However, the best and most effective way is a regular application of an eyelash serum.

What eyelash serum will be most recommended? The best one will combine the power of natural ingredients with innovative treatments. The best eyelash serum will stimulate the bulbs because their weakening is the main cause of various problems. The effectiveness of the best eyelash serum will be verified by women worldwide. The best are those of liquid formulas, that are to be applied with a thin applicator along the lashline. They strengthen, nourish, and boost growth. What is more, it is not a time-consuming procedure! The key to success is the regularity. One minute each evening is an effort, everyone will be able to make.

Eyelash oiling

A good alternative to lash serums is eyelash oiling. The most popular substance to use it definitely Castor oil. It is famous for its naturalness and growth-boosting properties. However, it works a lot better when used on the scalp because it is too thick for the eyelashes. Sometimes, women like to go for lighter oils, for instance, Sweet Almond oil or Coconut oil, however, it is still not the ideal solution. It will be hard to notice any effects of oiling after only a few weeks of treatment.

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