Redken Dry Shampoo… Paste! How Does it Work?

A dry shampoo is definitely a must-have product which comes to rescue when we have no time for a hair wash. Is there anything it can surprise us with? Actually, there is. You can replace a traditional dry shampoo spray with a shampoo paste!

There are days when your hair gets greasy, flat, goes rebellious while combing and simply looks bad. Of course, you can wash it but sometimes you’re out of time. What’s left?

Dry shampoo

A dry shampoo always saves us. The product has been designed to wash (or refresh) hair without the need for using water. However, it quickly turned out that dry shampoos have far more properties and uses.

Using a dry shampoo is a quick way to:

  • freshen up your do;
  • lift hair roots;
  • increase volume;
  • give a hold to a hairstyle.

How does a dry shampoo work?

The secret to every dry shampoo is being based on powder. It has various types but it always has an ability to absorb moisture and oil – the excess of sebum that builds up on hair.

Even though a dry shampoo won’t replace the traditional one, it proves a saver when your hair is pretty greasy and you have no time for washing or simply don’t want to wash it every day. It is mostly popular among girls wearing bangs (go greasy the fastest) and having fine hair where sebum is the most striking.

Dry shampoo – spray vs paste

Only until recently, a dry shampoo was available exclusively in the form of a comfy aerozol. You use it exactly like a hair spray – spritz onto the greasiest part which is the scalp and roots most often. After combing out, it gives you back fresh and amazing looks.

Surprisingly, the spray is not the only form the dry shampoo can have – Redken shook up everyone with Redken Dry Shampoo Paste 05.

Redken Dry Shampoo Paste 05

What should we know before the purchase?

The product is obviously a paste. The brand underlines that it is simply a combination of a dry shampoo and a styling paste, which opens up far more possibilities in comparison to a regular dry shampoo.

Use the dry shampoo paste in two ways:

  • between washes to freshen up your hairdo,
  • to clean hair to lift the roots and style a do

What does Dry Shampoo Paste contain & how it works?

Among the components, you can mostly see ingredients absorbing impurities and oil: natural mineral Zeolite, fossil fluor and Epsom salt. Apart from that, it contains nourishing substances: coconut oil and vitamin E.

Thanks to such ingredients, dry shampoo paste:

  • instantly freshens up, absorbing oil;
  • lets you comb dirt out of hair;
  • lifts hair roots, ensuring double volume;
  • delivers extra nutrients and protection;
  • makes hair easier to style;
  • gives hair the right shape and hold.

Dry shampoo paste. How to use it?

Take a drop of Redken styling and freshening paste, rub it between your hand palms and work through hair roots or/and mid-lengths. You use it like any other hairstyling paste. It gives your hair texture.

Remember! You can use dry shampoo paste on both dry and damp hair.

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