Colourful collection Nabla: Freedomination

Glow, holidays, colours. It is what I associate with new cosmetic collection by Nabla — Freedomination. Cosmetics that are in this collection are eye shadows, lip glosses, lipsticks, highlighter, but also a palette that can hold chosen by you make-up cosmetics.

Freedomination by Nabla — summer make-up

It is the only collection that can be associated with summer, beach and sea. Both cosmetic shades and palettes colours refer to the summer rest. The packagings of cosmetics resemble sea foam, coral reef and the blue water. It is similar to the cosmetics’ colours. The new collection by Nabla holds violet, blue, pink, orange and brown shades; some of them have shimmering pigments.

New cosmetics by Nabla — properties

All cosmetics in Freedomination collection are highly pigmented. These guarantee expressive make-up, provide long-lasting effect and intense colours. Thanks to the light-weight formula and creamy consistency, it applies perfectly, there is no smudging and no flaking. Some of them can be applied wet. All products were dermatologists tested, do not cause acne, do not clog pores and are recommended for people with sensitive and allergy prone skin. Cosmetics are free from silicone, mineral oil, paraben, PEG and phthalates.

Create your own palette!

Nabla gives us the possibility to create our own eye shadow palette. Freedomination collection has palettes in various sizes to which you choose the right cosmetics. Thanks to the metal case, eye shadows perfectly adhere to the magnetic base in the palette. In the bigger palette can be placed six and in the smaller palette four eye shadows. Thanks to this solution you can place and mix eye shadows as you wish. The effect will be visible through the window in the palette’s lid.

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