Where and how to store cosmetics properly?

Cosmetics should be stored in special conditions as they are sensitive to moisture and high temperatures. How and where to store cosmetics? Why not store cosmetics in the bathroom and which cosmetics should be stored in the fridge?

Why not store cosmetics in the bathroom?

Cosmetics kept in the bathroom lose their properties due to the humidity, which is accompanied by changing temperatures and surrounded by the radiator and wet towels. Nevertheless, most often, we store our cosmetics in the bathroom. Why? That is more convenient. Nearly all of our beauty rituals take place in the bathroom, that’s why we want to have cosmetics at hand.

The conditions in the bathroom make makeup products dry out faster as well as catch bacteria and dirt. Lipsticks kept in the bathroom soften and dissolve over time, which results in losing the pigment and fading from the lips. In turn, facial care cosmetics can change their consistency and consequently lose their properties. Active substances, such as acids, retinol and vitamin C, should be stored at a temperature below 20 degrees Celsius.

How and where to store colour cosmetics?

On each package, you will find recommendations for storing the cosmetics and their expiration date. Colour cosmetics can be stored in every room in a shaded place. You can place them in a cabinet, on a shelf or on a dressing table. What’s more, it is better not to store cosmetics in the kitchen due to high temperature and fumes.

Brushes, sponges and other makeup applicators that come into contact with the skin should be placed vertically and kept individually. Remember that their bristles cannot touch any objects.

The place where we store cosmetics should be shaded and cool. The optimal temperature ranges between 2-10 degrees Celsius. Cosmetic products must be in their natural position – not on the side or upside down.

Which cosmetics should be stored in the fridge?

It is worth storing nail polishes, lipsticks and lip glosses, waterproof cosmetics such as mascaras and eyeliners in the fridge. This also includes self-tanning creams and creams with a strong filter, which we use only in the summer. We cannot omit organic cosmetics free of parabens and chemicals which will benefit from being kept in a chilled area. Perfumes will also retain their properties for longer if we store them in the fridge.

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