OCM – face cleansing with oils. Check out to how to do it!

OCM (oil cleansing method) is just washing the face with oils. Some say that the products used for this method wash the skin much better than ordinary soaps, gels and foams. It is simple, oils dissolve fats very well. Let’s see if it’s true.

How does OCM work?

Did you know that cleansing your face with oils prevents violation of the natural hydrolipid barrier and the feeling of skin tightness? OCM has a slightly different action. Soaps and cosmetics designed for removing makeup damage the protective layer of the skin, exposing it to dryness and can lead to various imperfections. Oils, on the other hand, remove oily impurities while moisturizing and protecting the skin.

How to wash the face with the OCM method?

First of all, you must start with preparing a blend of oils that will take care of every skin type. However, it works best for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. The ideal blend of oils for: dry skin 90% base oil and 10% castor oil, normal skin – 80% base oil and 20% castor oil, oily skin 70% base oil and 30% castor oil. Remember that unrefined oils will be best for the preparation of the mixture, because they contain the most nutrients. The composition of castor oil is similar to the composition of human sebum, and additionally, has purifying properties. If you are allergic to castor oil, you can replace it with jojoba oil.

Which oil to choose?

The choice of base oil depends on the type of skin. You can go ahead and use:

  • for oily skin go for: linseed oil, laurel oil or jojoba oil;
  • for combination skin, choose jojoba oil or grapeseed oil;
  • for normal skin, use avocado oil, almond oil or olive oil;
  • for dry skin it is advisable to apply almond oil, apricot kernel oil or avocado oil;
  • for mature skin, pick argan oil, macadamia oil or olive oil;
  • for capillary skin the best solution will be hazelnut oil;
  • for acne prone skin, it will be beneficial to use safflower oil or hazelnut oil;

OCM step by step

Prepare the oil mix, war it up in the palms of your hands and apply onto your face. Soak the towel in warm water and put it on your face, and when it cools down, repeat the operation several more times. At the end of the procedure, rinse the towel in cold water and apply it again to the skin. This way, you will close the pores of the skin that have been opened by the heat. If you want to remove the makeup, apply the oil blend onto a cotton pad and wipe the face with it. What effects will you get by OCM purification? The skin will become smooth and soft, and discoloration and blackheads will disappear. The sebaceous glands will produce the right amount of sebum. Eyebrows and eyelashes become better nourished, stronger and denser.

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