At-Home Hair Treatments

Even though hair salons offer a wide range of professional treatments and products tackling different hair problems, many women still give home hair treatments a go. Some of them aim at preventing oiliness and strengthening weak hair, others are meant for fighting dandruff. Discover at-home hair treatments which deliver surprising results.

Home Treatments for Oily Hair

There are lots of home methods that let hair keep fresh and voluminous. Here are some of them.

Yeast Pulp

To make it, smooth a pack of yeast with some milk, apply it to scalp and hair, leave in for thirty minutes. Next, wash your head with a mild shampoo. Do the treatment at least once a week, twice a week tops.

Instant Mask

You need to beat an egg white until it’s stiff and mix it with the yolk, apply it to damp hair. Wrap the head with a shower cap and wash hair after twenty minutes. Repeat the treatment after every hair wash.

Beer Compress

All you need to do is infuse a handful of burdock leaves with ¾ glass of boiling water. After straining them, add a half glass of beer, a few drops of vitamin A and lemon juice. Massage the mixture into clean and dry hair. Next, put on a shower cap and rinse it out after three hours. The treatment should be repeated every two weeks.

Freshening Infusion

In order to prepare it, pour a spoon of pepper mint and nettle (it might be thyme or rosemary instead) with a litre of boiling water, cover it with a lid and put aside for a moment. After straining, rinse clean hair with the infusion and massage it into scalp. You can do the treatment after every hair wash.

Home Treatments for Weak Hair

The following treatments nourish and deliver oxygen to hair follicles which translates into stronger and more resilient hair.

Plant Juice

To prepare the juice, mix ¼ glass of Aloe juice and lemon juice. Then, add a spoon of natural honey and rub the pulp in the scalp. After thirty minutes, wash the head with a delicate shampoo.

Liquid Paraffin

To nourish hair with liquid paraffin, add yolk and a few drops of castor oil to three spoons of the liquid paraffin. Next, energetically mix the ingredients and spread the smooth mixture throughout the length of unwashed hair (avoiding the scalp). Put on a shower cap, take it off after 20-30 minutes, rinse the mixture out and shampoo the hair. Use the treatment minimum once a week.

Home Treatments for Faded Hair Color

Vegetable Extract

Finely grate a ripe turnip or horseradish root and squeeze out the juice. After that, rub the extract in your scalp thirty minutes before the hair wash routine. The treatment can be done every two or three washes.

Herbal Potion

If you want to give it a go, mix a spoon of horsetail, burdock root and nettle leaves, put the herbs into a jar and pour them with ½ of neutral spirits. After two weeks, soak a bandage in the mixture, squeeze it out and rub on the scalp every other day.

Common Soapwort & Nettle Shampoo

To make use of the treatment, mix a handful of soapwort root and nettle, pour with a litre of boiling water and cover up. When the water absorbs the herbs, strain them. Use the resulting liquid instead of a shampoo.

Home Treatments for Dry Hair

Natural compresses and rinses give the best protection from the hair-drying sun. In some cases, just one treatment with herb-based products upgrades the good looks of hair. Still, a six-week treatment means better results. After the treatment, you don’t blow or sun-dry your hair; instead, let it dry naturally at home. Always prepare the infusions in a ceramic dish immediately before use.

Yoghurt Compress

To prepare it, precisely mix four spoons of plain yoghurt with an egg. Apply the pulp to hair and let it sit on for around ten minutes. Rinse out with lukewarm water.

Marigold Mixture

For the preparation, pour a spoon of marigold leaves into a half glass of boiled water, cover it and let the water absorb them. Then, strain the herbs and mix with a half glass of milk and yolk. Spread the mixture throughout dry or damp hair. After putting on a shower cap, wait for 10-15 minutes and rinse well.

Regenerating Infusion

To prepare it, pour a litre of boiling water over two handfuls of lime tree flowers. Wait until it absorbs the flowers and use it for rinsing clean hair. Use the infusion after every hair wash.

Banana Compress

Smash a banana, mix it with lemon juice and plain yoghurt. Massage the pulp into hair and wrap a towel around your head, leaving it on for around 20 minutes. Finally, wash hair with a mild shampoo.

Natural Conditioner

Combine vegetable oil with a few drops of essential oil e.g. geranium or lavender, and massage into the hair. Wash the hair after around 15 minutes.

Home Treatments for Dull Hair

Here are ways to add shine to dull hair.

Lemon Elixir

To prepare the elixir, massage lemon juice into freshly-washed hair avoiding the ends. After a few minutes, thoroughly rinse hair out with water. Do the treatment once in two weeks.

Honey Compress

Blend two spoons of honey with three spoons of olive oil using a mixer, spread it throughout damp strands and put on a shower cap. After fifteen minutes, shampoo the hair and rinse thoroughly.

Shine-Boosting Mixture

Heat up 1/3 glass of olive oil and soak a spoon of camomile, nettle and birch leaves in it for around thirty minutes. Strain and add yolk, a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice, 2-3 drops of rosemary oil. Eventually, apply to damp tresses, let it sit in for half an hour and wash off with a shampoo.

Home Anti-Dandruff Treatments

To tackle dandruff, reach for antibacterial and cleansing products which balance the ski pH.

Fragrant Oil

Mix yolk with 3-4 teaspoons of almond oil and a half teaspoon of rosemary oil. Massage the mixture into hair, put on a shower cap and shampoo after thirty minutes. Use this treatment before every washing.

Cleansing Rinse

Pour two spoons of horsetail or a spoon of mint, melissa and juniper with a litre of boiled water. Cover it up and wait until the water absorbs the herbs. Next, strain the herbs. Pour the resulting water onto hair after every hair wash and massage it into the scalp.

Aloe Toner

Finely chop Aloe leaves and pour them with a glass of vodka. Next, tightly close the jar and put it aside for two weeks. Then, strain the leaves and pour the toner into a dark glass dish. Massage it into scalp twice a week before bedtime; wash hair in the morning.

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