Eyebrow products. Which are the best?

It is thanks to well-groomed eyebrows that our look is properly emphasized. That is why the eyebrow make-up is so important. Unfortunately, it is also the most difficult part of make-up as a whole as it requires appropriate cosmetics. Which eyebrow products are the best?

In order to get an expressive look, the eyebrows must be properly emphasized. Such an effect ensures the daily make-up. The secret of the perfectly accentuated eyebrows, which look impeccable, lies in the beauty products. Below you will find the most popular products for eyebrow make-up.


1. Eyebrow pencil

Definitely this it the most popular one – our eyebrows are most often emphasized with a pencil. If you want to cover the entire eyebrows, don’t forget to draw individual hairs. The eyebrow pencil should be gently smudged so that we obtain a natural effect.

2. Eyebrow shadows

There are also eyebrow shadows, thanks to which you can get beautiful and effective eyebrow make-up without much effort. The shadow should be applied with an angle brow brush. You can also mix colours in order to obtain a natural effect. Eyebrow shadows are suitable for people who are just beginning their eyebrow make-up journey as it is very easy to obtain a natural effect with them.

3. Eyebrow palette

A very convenient solution is a set with eyebrow shadows and wax. Typically, this eyebrow palette contains two shades that can easily give a specific shape to the eyebrows, darkening and filling them. The wax attached to it allows you to consolidate the effect obtained and eventually arrange the hair, which is easier thanks to the mirror, in which the eyebrow palette is equipped.

4. Eyebrow pomade

For people who expect more defined effects, the perfect solution is an eyebrow pomade. It is much more pigmented than the eyebrow shadows and the application itself is easier than with a pencil. It has a soft formula and gives a powdery finish, thanks to which the effect is natural and uninterrupted, and at the same time very expressive and durable.

5. Eyebrow mascara

Definitely the most durable eyebrow cosmetic is a mascara. It resembles a standard mascara, but in a miniaturized version. It’s a convenient solution, because it allows you to comb your eyebrows, give them shape and the right colour with only one move. A small brush makes it easier to apply the product on the eyebrows without smudging. The big advantage of this cosmetic is its durability.

6. Instant eyebrow extensions

It is a very interesting combination of a colouring cosmetic with small fibres that settle on natural eyebrows and thicken them. The product is available in various colours. As a rule, the product is applied with an applicator which has a soft sponge which makes it easy to apply fibres on the eyebrows.


This decision depends on many things. First of all, on our own skills. If we are just beginning with eyebrow make-up, we should choose simpler cosmetics. Second of all, it also depends on the results that we require – more or less expressive, more or less durable.

However, the most important is the colour of the cosmetic. It should not be too dark because dark eyebrows may look very unnatural. Generally speaking, the shade of our eyebrows should always match the colour of our hair.

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