Pimples? – Get Rid of Them for Good!

Fresh and clean skin is a dream of many of us. We all struggle with pimples from time to time. Too much wine or an extra spicy curry can contribute to our skin problems. What to do when we wake-up in the morning with yet another acne breakout or with visible blackheads?

Combination skin (mixture of a dry skin on cheeks and oily forehead, chin and nose) and oily skin usually involve special care. On one hand, you need to provide it with moisture, on the other hand the oil excess needs to be kept under control. Some people say that the hydration is the key but it turns out that moisturising the problematic skin twice a day is not the best idea. In that case using either mattifying or moisturizing beauty product may do more harm than good.

When choosing the best cream or foundation you want to check if the product has salicylic acid in its formula. This amazing acid exfoliates the unclogged pores and rejuvenates the complexion. It is anti-inflammatory and it minimalizes skin congestion. What’s more, the acid allows other essential nutrients to penetrate to deeper layers of the skin. Although this exfoliating ingredient is a great acne treatment, it also increases your skin sensitivity to to sunlight. It is important to wear a protective sun cream at the same time to prevent any skin irritation. You can pick a foundation with high SPF of use a BB cream that normally have 15SPF or higher.

What the salicylic acid can also do is smoothing out wrinkles and any scars, which makes it universal and suitable for any age range.

When you use the product that contains the acid, be careful to read the label first. The concentration of the acid cannot be higher than 0,5-1%; otherwise it may burn your skin. When your skin tolerates this amount of the product, you can gradually increase the concentration up to 2%. Many cosmetic companies such as Garnier offer customers scrubs, toners, and make-up removers containing salicylic acid. Two months treatment with those products and you can say ‘Goodbye’ to your acne.

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