Milucca. Make-up cosmetics that steal women’s hearts!

Make-up fans impatiently await every cosmetic novelty. Here they are! Make-up cosmetics by Milucca – created for those who express themselves with make-up. No matter the age, beauty type or style.

Make-up is not only a method to hide the imperfections and make your natural beauty stand out. It is mostly to boost your self-confidence and express your style with the make-up. In order to do that, you will need the right type of make-up cosmetics – foundation, lipstick, concealer, eyeshadow, blusher, bronzer, etc.

There are plenty of brands offering good quality cosmetics. Still, new ones pop up (like Milucca) and it will be quite a treat for all those who look for new things like that.

MILUCCA – about the brand

Milucca is a brand that puts a lot of stress on being associated mainly with make-up. Color blaze and variety of presented styles is the essence of what make-up is to its creators – a way to express yourself, creatively and without limits.

Milucca cosmetics are the ones that are expected to make us feel more beautiful. The brand emphasizes the fact that the most important factor should always be our choice that is why their offer is so rich.

Milucca make-up cosmetics

What can you find among make-up cosmetics by Milucca? There are cosmetics able to help you create beautiful make-up in any style you want: holographic, with focus on the eyes or lips, the subtle version (so-called no make-up), rock or glamour.


Usually, we start with the face. If you wish to smooth out and beautify the skin, you can choose out of the make-up base, concealer, and foundation. For even better effect there are also contouring palettes in the same line. The choice in this category is very wide:

  • make-up base Milucca Go For Primer,
  • concealer Milucca Coverage or Let Me Cover You,
  • foundation Milucca Nice to Mat You or Ready to Stay,
  • loose powder Milucca Let Me Fix This or Let It Glow,
  • pressed powder Milucca I Got The Powder,
  • contouring palette Milucca I Chose Color Face & Eye or Maxi Contouring Pallette,
  • bronzer Milucca Here Comes The Sun,
  • blusher Milucca I Like It Very Blush, etc.


Another important aspect of make-up is eyes. With Milucca cosmetics you can make them pop in many different ways, choosing one or a few from the available products:

  • mascara Milucca Biggest Lashes Ever (waterproof version), Ahlalalalalong, It`s a Curl or Lucat Me,
  • eyeshadows Milucca Eye Eye Eye! Shadow, 4 Eyeshadows or Metaleyes Shadow,
  • eye pencil Milucca Metal Eyes Pencil, Smokey Eye or Ready to Stay,
  • brow pencil Milucca For The Brow,
  • eyeliner Milucca Make a Point, Eye Cat, Roll The Line, Hold The Line (regular or matte version) or My Definition,
  • brow mascara Milucca Lash&Brow or For The Brow, etc.


Last, we have lips that can be easily emphasized in various ways with Milucca products. There is something for gentle colors fans as well as those who prefer stronger impact:

  • lipstick Milucca Stick, Mat Liquid Lipstick or Ready to Stay,
  • lip liner Milucca Ready to Stay, etc.

Milucca – the skincare offer

Milucca’s focus is on make-up cosmetics, but there are a few options in the skincare category. What exactly?

There are various body milk products by Milucca – with a subtle scent and great moisturizing properties. These are placed in squat bottles with colorful labels that steal the attention. For those of you who value the convenience, there is yet another option in the form of body spray – there is smaller choice when it comes to the scent but all of them have equally magnificent moisturizing properties for the skin. Worth trying!

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