How to make your eyes look bigger?

Would you like to have bigger eyes? Have your ever wondered why your eyes look quite small, and if there is something wrong you are doing with your make-up? You will not only learn some basic tips and tricks how to make eyes appear bigger but you will find out what to avoid in your eye make-up. We often apply wrong products or in wrong areas without even realizing that, it may not look the best.


When doing the eye make-up always user the eye base. It will prevent the eyeshadow from creasing and the colour be more vibrant and pigmented. Now it is the time for the colour game. Use light shade to enlarge certain areas, darker colours to make things smaller. When you use white, creamy shade, your eye will pop and it will bring it forward. Apply the light eyeshadow in the middle of your upper eyelid, and under the brow bone. This way you will get an instant eyelift effect without surgery or Botox. You can also put a tiny bit of pearl shadow or a highlighter in the inner corners of the eye. This simple trick will make your eye seem bright, open, and awake. You need to realize that the light shade in the inner corners make your eyes appear closer to each other. If your eyes are narrow, just skip this step.

Take darker shade, preferably in warm tone, and drag just above your crease. Blend it well creating eye socket. It is a perfect way to add more depth to your gaze. Additionally, if you put the shadow lighter than your crease one above your pocket, you will create the illusion of larger area between your brow bone and the crease.

Apply the dark shade under your lower lash line so that the eye looks wider. The great trick for making your eye bigger is using the white eye pencil on the waterline. Use the black mascara from the very roots of your lashes to their tips. The longer lashes are the better effect you will get. Try to focus on the tips of the lashes and on the outer edges. Don’t forget to apply a tiny bit of concealer to cover your grey under eye circles.


Do not use dark eyeshade close to your lash line and up. Don’t bring the dark shadow all the way inwards. Even if you cover the whole lid with the shadow, it is important not to leave the crease bare, without the shadow. If you do, it will seem that your eyelid finishes in the place where the shadow does. Never use warm, dark eyeshadow under your brow bone. Avoid using black eye pencil on the waterline. It will make your eye appear narrow and small. Always use mascara on your bottom lashes to stretch visually your eye. Colourful mascara such as blue or grey one will not help you to achieve big, bright eye.

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